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Peru and Bolivia with the Paganels

17 days

24 people



Victoria Vlasenko



17 days

10.02 - 26.02.2024


Without a doubt, Peru and Bolivia are two beautiful gems in South America that you must visit. This time we decided to combine two programs, taking the best and most interesting things.

On this trip, you will see the famous Machu Picchu with the Sacred Valley, of course; the city of Cusco and Ollaytaytambo, visit the legendary Maras, wander among the ruins of Sacsauyaman. You will get to know the famous Titicaca and the floating islands of Uros, you can touch the incredible things in Aramu Muro, and then, when you reach Bolivia, you will plunge into the incredible beauty of Salar de Uyuni and the Altiplano.


It will be a very rich, beautiful, exciting 17-day adventure. And you will spend with us in places that we know everything or almost EVERYTHING about :)


You are lucky if you see all THIS with your own eyes.l THIS with your own eyes.

Kostyantyn Storozhenko

Expedition leader, translator


Denis Levchenko

Expeditionary leader, historian, art critic




1. transfers to/from the airport along the entire route (if you arrive and depart on dates exactly according to our travel program);
2. accommodation in hotels of level 3* on the entire route;
3. entrance tickets to museums along the expedition route;
4. flight Lima - Cusco;
5. transfers Cusco - Puno, Puno - La Paz, La Paz - Uyuni, Uyuni - La Paz by comfortable bus;
6. entrance tickets to all attractions in Cusco and the Sacred Valley indicated in the program;
7. transport (bus, car) for excursion trips in the Sacred Valley;
8. transfer by train from Ollaitaitambo to Aguacalente and back;
9. bus transfer to Machu Picchu and back;
10. entrance tickets to Machu Picchu;
11. excursions to Lake Titicaca;
12. jeep expedition 4 days (3 nights) for 3 people in a car to Salar de Uyuni and Altiplano;
13. fuel;
14. services of drivers, cooks, water;
15. 3 meals a day during the Salar de Uyuni expedition;
16. accommodation in salt hotels and mountain guesthouses (in shared rooms for 5-6 people per room!) on the Altiplano;
17. entrance tickets to national parks during the Altiplano jeep expedition;
18. international plane ticket La Paz - Lima;
19. services of local guides and drivers;
20. services of Paganel Studio team guides.


  1. flight from your city to the city of Lima (Peru) and back;

  2. visa to Bolivia ($35 for citizens of Ukraine, issued in advance). On the Peru-Bolivia border ($100 for CIS citizens).

  3. meals and excursions during the trip not specified in the program;

  4. Supplement for single occupancy - .... € (except Salar de Uyuni);

  5. personal insurance (please note that optional cycling on Death Road requires sports insurance);

  6. Tips for drivers and local guides $50 per person.

  1. Price for citizens of Ukraine: 30/100$ (Bolivia)

  2. Features of receiving: at the embassy in Lima or at the border

  3. Other nationalities that do NOT require visas:EU

  4. Other nationalities that require a visa:Israel (Bolivia), USA (Bolivia)



Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.


Day 1

 Flight from your city to the capital of Peru — Lima. Meeting at the airport with guides. Transfer to the hotel in the Mira Flores area. Rest.

Day 2

We wake up in the morning, have breakfast.
The first acquaintance with Lima, walks to the ocean in the Miraflores area. Excursions by bus in the historical center of the city. Exploring the old colonial city center.


In the middle of the day, we run around the city to independently explore the Mira Flores district in which we live. You can swim in the refreshing ocean, buy SIM cards for the Internet to be in touch all the time, go to one of the museums or just enjoy a cappuccino with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

In the evening, in one of the restaurants of the city, we spend an evening of acquaintances of the Paganels. Presentation of expedition t-shirts and badges. Dinner. Rest.
(Meals included: breakfast)

Day 3

This morning you can sleep, have a quiet breakfast. We check-out, leave the suitcases at the reception and still have time to visit any museum of our choice, or take a walk along the souvenir streets of the Miraflores district.

After lunch, we gather at a prearranged time. We load the bus with things and go to the airport. Departure to Cusco. After arrival, transfer to the hotel in the central part of the city. We go for a walk in the famous central square of the city, Plaza de Armas. We buy souvenirs, ponchos, badges and magnets.


There is a large selection of all kinds of woolen products from llama, alpaca and vicuña. It is important not to sit still, even if your head hurts from the height and you do not feel very well! Move more. Drink tea and just some water too!

Free dinner. Rest.
(Meals included: breakfast)

Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel. We sit in our private bus. Excursion program around the city of Cusco and its environs.

First, we have a trip to the ancient fortress of Saxuyaman, studying the artifacts of the ancient Incas, preserved in Cusco. She is amazing in her own right. Stone polygonal blocks that have been preserved here, weighing several tens of tons, are amazing!


Then we go to Puck Pucker’s summer residence and then to Tambomachai to explore the ritual fountains. Excursion to the Temple of Coricancha, which was the supreme temple of the Tauantinsuyu Empire during the Inca times. Here, under the Incas, there was a garden made of gold, in which all the plants, animals and representatives of the tribes were poured out life-size of this precious metal.


It is clear that when the first conquistadors got here, the amount of gold that was around on the walls, temples and houses drove them crazy...


In the evening, we get to know Inca cuisine, try the famous Cuy and Pisco de Sauer.

(Breakfast included)

Day 5

A full-day trip to the Sacred Valley, visiting the famous fortress of Ollaitaitambo, the Maras Inca Salt Copies and the Agricultural Laboratory of the Ancient Moray Indians.

In Moray there is a large complex of unusual ruins from the time of the Inca civilization, consisting of 4 huge round terraces, the largest of which is about 30 meters deep.


Researchers suggest that there was an agricultural laboratory of the Incas here, where, thanks to the difference in air temperature between the upper and lower terraces, which reaches 6 °C, they experimentally selected the best conditions for various grain crops and vegetables.

Different levels of the Moray terraces received different amounts of sunlight and rainfall.


Soil samples on the terraces showed that it was imported from different regions of Peru, thus the Incas practically determined which plants were more suitable for certain natural conditions.

At sunset we will drive to the ancient town of Pisak with amazing terraces.

 We return to Cusco for the night.

(Breakfast included)

Day 6

Early rise! We take things for one night. We leave our suitcases at the hotel. We will return here in 1 day. In the morning, we first leave by our private bus to the city of Ollaitaitambo, and visit the local famous fortress.

Then by train along one of the most beautiful railway routes in the world towards the town of Agua Caliente.


From here the path to the cherished Machu Picchu begins. Getting to know the lovely city of Agua Caliente. The height above sea level is almost a kilometer lower than Cusco. We feel great here! We have a great appetite, nothing hurts. The world is beautiful and you want to sing and dance!


Bathing in hot springs for those who wish.

Night at the hotel.

(Breakfast included)

Day 7

We have been waiting for this day for so long! Today we have a date with the same legendary place that we dreamed of for so long and which was one of the main goals of the trip to Peru. MACHU PICCU!!!

A date with a beautiful person requires sacrifices! We wake up early at 5 am. We go and have a quick breakfast at the hotel first. We leave all things for storage in a special hotel room. We take cameras, a cap and sunscreen, a rain jacket. Then we go down to the bus station near the river and get into the shuttle buses that come continuously, which will take us to the entrance to the ancient city.

First, we climb to the observation point, from where we will take classic pictures of Machu Picchu waking up.


Here we meet the sunrise. We take three, maybe four million photos, flood Facebook and Instagram with them (let our friends "rejoice" with us), there is a local sim and the connection is excellent!


Then we explore the ancient ruins of the city with local guides. Having walked to our heart's content, we descended on shuttle basses to Agua Caliente. We have lunch, and then transfer by train to the city of Ollaitaytambo, then by private bus to Cusco. Late in the evening we will return to our hotel.

(Meals included: breakfast)

Day 8

Early rise again! We say goodbye to the ancient capital of Peru. Departure by comfortable sightseeing bus towards Lake Titicaca, in Puno. We drive for 7 hours, along the way we will have several interesting stops with hour-long excursions and lunch in a beautiful place.


In the evening, we arrive in the city of Puno on Lake Titicaca, accommodation in a hotel. After check-in and shower, we go for a walk on the local tourist street. See Titicaca souvenirs. Supper. Night at the hotel. (Meals included: breakfast, lunch)

Day 9

Early rise, breakfast. We collect our things to leave our suitcases on the bus. We have a busy day ahead of us today. We evaluate our well-being. The height here is 3800 meters and the miner can return again.

We wait for our private bus and go to the pier, and from there we sail for a boat trip on Lake Titicaca.

We get acquainted with the lifestyle and life of the Uros tribe, who live on the straw islands. You can swim in the icy Titicaca  if the weather is good.

Between the islands, everyone can ride on straw boats. It was on this Ra 2 boat that the famous traveler Thur Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic.

Return to Puno and on a private bus we leave towards one of the most mysterious places in Peru - the Gate of the Sun (Aramu Muru), carved into the rock and having, according to legend, an entrance to another World.


Aramu Muru is shrouded in local myths and legends, ranging from a portal to other dimensions to an altar to the Peruvian Gods. In any case, today it is a very energetic place that is very fascinating.


The object is an outcrop of red, granite rocks. The appearance resembles a rock cut, in the form of a niche in the central lower part and two vertical slits on the sides. The object is also known as the "Gate of the Gods" or "Star Gate".

Recharged with energy, we move to the border with Bolivia. Border procedures on both sides, crossing the border, moving (4-5 hours) to the nominal capital of Bolivia - La Paz.


First acquaintance with the city. Accommodation in a hotel in the central part of the city. Exploring La Paz, visiting the famous Witches' Market, where you can not only marvel at the "witch kits", but also buy silver jewelry, wooden figurines, alpaca products and other local colors.

In the evening we make plans for the next day!

Night at the hotel.

(Meals included: breakfast)

Day 10

We wake up in the morning according to your plans. Today we have a free day and you can devote it to your wishes.



We offer you a choice of several optional programs for this day:

1. You can go on a tour to the ancient city of Tiwanako.

Tiahuanaco (Spanish: Tiahuanaco) is probably the most famous, most mysterious and unexplored attraction of Bolivia. Tiwanaco is an ancient city and center of civilization that existed long before the history of the Incas. It is located near Lake Titicaca at an altitude of about 4000 m above sea level, in the department of La Paz.


For scientists and researchers, it still remains a mystery how the ancient people, not having special machines, were able to build buildings from stones, the weight of which exceeds 200 tons, and why this great civilization collapsed. We hope that eventually all the secrets of this mysterious city will be revealed.

Tiwanaco is also called the city of the gods, because according to legends, the god Viracocha, the creator of all things, lived and created there.


2. If you do not want to go on an excursion to Tiwanaco, you can optionally go on a one-day cycling adventure along the famous Bolivian "Road of Death".

3. Or you can sleep until 12 noon, and then wander around the city or go on an excursion to one of the city's central museums.


Overnight at the hotel.
(Meals included: breakfast)

Day 11

In the morning we wake up calmly, have breakfast, leave the collected things at the reception and continue to explore La Paz. You can independently go to the Valley of the Moon (a beautiful place near La Paz), ride a cable car over the city and climb the highest observation deck. Or go to the Chacaltaya volcano (5380 meters) near La Paz.

In the evening, we gather at the agreed time in the hotel lobby, pick up our suitcases from the storage room, where you left them in the morning. Transfer to the bus terminal. Departure by night comfortable bus to Uyuni.
(Meals included: breakfast. Snacks will be provided during the night transfer to Uyuni)

Day 12

We are at UYUNI!

(Expedition - day 1)


Early morning arrival by bus in Uyuni. A meeting with a detachment of our SUVs. Getting to know the drivers.


Distribution of crews according to pre-approved lists of 3 people per car + local driver. Breakfast in the central square of the city.


Purchase of necessary provisions and fuel. Purchase of rubber boots (as needed).


Trip by jeep for 4 days in our unforgettable adventure.


Expedition to the dry lake of Salar De Uyuni, visiting salt mining sites. Altitude 3800 meters. This is something incredible in beauty.

We are looking for where else there is water on the lake. Reflected space! We ride in the sky, we walk in the sky, we live in the sky in some unreal reality!


It is very nice here. A billion of photos.

Photographers go from place to place as if burnt out, shooting a lot at sunset. There are colorful volcanoes all around.

Accommodation in salt rooms for 4-6 people. Of course, it is unusual to sleep in such a team, but it is fun. After all, everything is unusual here in Bolivia!

Dinner at the hotel. Sharing hobbies and photos. At night, willing photographers can go shoot the stars.


But be careful - it's very cold at night!


(Meals included: lunch and dinner)

Day 13

(Expedition - day 2) We wake up in a space made of salt. Photographers get up before dawn and run to the salt flats to meet the dawn.


The rest of the group washes up. When everyone is gathered, we have breakfast. Continuation of the expedition through the Bolivian Altiplano. First, we walk the Tunupa volcano, and then a morning trip to the salt flats.


We drive for several hours to beautiful places. We stop to take photos or as needed. The road and places around are very beautiful.


Lunch near Pescado Island.

Pescado is another amazing town of today.

Right in the middle of a huge salt flat, an island suddenly appears, on which giant beautiful cacti grow. 3-4 meters tall with a growth rate of 1 cm per year. Views around amazing beauty.


We spend the night in a hotel built of salt. Yes Yes! Everything is made of salt. Beds The walls Bedside tables Tables. It is very unusual and interesting. And sleeping in such a place is useful!


(Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 14

(Expedition – day 3)

We get up in the morning calmly and without haste. Breakfast. We load things into jeeps and go on the road.


We have a busy and busy day today.


Visiting the most beautiful thermal lakes with huge colonies of pink flamingos and the Dali desert.

Full-course lunch by the lake with a colony of rare pink James flamingos.


A trip to the famous (among photographers) stone tree Arbol del Piedra and Laguna Colorada lake.

Sunset on the Colorado Lagoon with incredible views all around.

Overnight in guest stone houses. Accommodation in rooms for 4-6 people. The height is about 4000 meters. Dinner with a bottle of good Chilean wine.

Rest after a busy and vivid day.

(Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 15

(Expedition - day 4)

Very early rise. Departure at 4 in the morning for a pre-dawn arrival in the Valley of Geysers. Altitude 4800 meters. Meeting dawn among smoking fumaroles. It seemed to you yesterday that you had already seen a lot of incredible beauty, but the dawn among the geysers is MAGIC! Everything around suddenly becomes bright orange in the rays of the rising sun.


You stand in the middle of this orange steam and buzz and bubble around the geysers and fumaroles. It will be one of the brightest impressions in your life.


Then we descend to 4000. Bathing in hot thermal springs among the snowy Altiplano. It is also an extremely interesting and unusual activity. Believe it!

After bathing, we go to breakfast.

After breakfast, we start the return journey to Uyuni. On the way, we drive into a secluded valley, which the locals call the "Lost City", hidden among lava mountains.


We have lunch there.


After that, we continue our way back to Uyuni. 


Arrival in Uyuni. We say goodbye to the drivers. We do not forget to leave a tip for such an incredible trip. We leave our suitcases for storage in the office of the bus company. We run to the central square. Dinner in one of the restaurants. We return to the office, where the bus is waiting for us. We load things. Overnight transfer by comfortable bus to La Paz. We go and sleep. (Meals included: breakfast, lunch and some snacks will be provided for dinner on the bus)

Day 16

Arrival in La Paz in the morning. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in for half a day. Rest, you can just lie on the bed, or have a cappuccino in a cafe in the central square, walk and a little shopping on the street with souvenirs.


In the afternoon transfer to the airport. Departure from La Paz (Bolivia) to Lima (Peru).
In the evening a joint farewell dinner at one of the restaurants in the city.

Day 17

Breakfast, transfer to the airport. Farewell to each other and to the team of guides. Tears of parting. The expedition is over.
Flight home. 
(Meals included: breakfast)



We are unique

For many years, we have been traveling the world to our small planet's most remote and unusual places.  We do not use the services of domestic travel agencies.  The trips we invent and carry out are always unique and have their unique zest, charm, and adventurous spirit.



The first thing that interests us is creativity in everything.  During the expeditions, we shoot a lot of videos, take pictures, write stories, draw pictures.  If you are interested in a creative approach to life and travel, then WELCOME... we are very happy to meet you!



By joining our team, you join a kind of club-family, which already consists of several hundred people who are interested in discovering the world with us.


Since most of the expenses for the organization of the trip are air tickets and travel documents for other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. are not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We simply have no way to return it.

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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