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Denis Levchenko

Expedition leader, historian, art critic, translator


How is it - almost ten years on the road?

Who are digital nomads?

Is it possible to live two years using only what will fit in a 15 kg carry-on backpack, not counting a laptop?

Without touching the suitcase, understand how much it weighs?

If someone asked me about this in Kyiv 2013, I would hardly answer. I dreamed of traveling, but could not. He drowned in work and obligations to clients, contractors, fatigue and "burnout of the head." Rare outings were refreshing, but ... I returned to the office and everything started all over again.
The 14th year came, turned a lot of things upside down, gave everyone their lemons. I didn’t want to squeeze the juice from my lemons, I got on a plane and flew away.
The first country was India. I traveled it from Kashmir, where I found myself thanks to the books of Salman Rushdie (health to him), to the Andaman Islands and Sikkim, then to Nepal and Sri, and beyond ... In India, we arranged yacht voyages for Indians across the Adriatic and the Aegean Sea. Mykonos, Santorini, Hvar, Dubrovnik…
Three years later, with difficulty, I overcame the Asian attraction, ended up in Central America, and a completely different story began. There was less and less baggage, more and more languages ​​in stock. The feeling “well, everything went wrong again” completely disappeared, instead another one came: “some of the 10 pre-prepared ones will still happen.” Not like that, like that.
"You are living a dream-like life", I heard more and more often. They asked me: "Adopt me, please!", very mature, accomplished and influential people. They were probably joking.
“People like you get their heads cut off,” the evil hashish pushers in Tangier told me, they probably weren’t joking, I didn’t check.

My name is Denis Levchenko.

For almost ten years I have been traveling the world continuously.
Hobbies: first of all, the road and travel...
Coffee. History of art, history of culture.
Languages ​​- Spanish, Italian, French. Hindi and Nahuatl - I don't speak - I'm interested.
Literary history, pre-Columbian civilizations and the history of the peoples of the Mediterranean, Japan, Korea and China.
Culinary and gastronomy, cinema and music, contemporary art and design, trekking and mountain walks, sailing, sports - running and "calisthenics".

Last year, the list of hobbies was replenished with beautiful and interesting playgrounds, building sand castles and searching for answers to difficult questions "how to get this bead out of your nose?", "Why don't you want to pick me up right now?", "Where is mom?".

Glad to travel again and again and share this passion with you!

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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