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Once upon a time, a couple of dreamers — Andrii and Olga Andreeva, went on their honeymoon in the Himalayas, to Mount Everest. It was there that they realized that traveling makes them happy and that this is what they want to do all their live.

After that, they were joined by another desperate dreamer — artist Oleksandr Votsmush. The three of them began to travel to distant countries, paint, photograph, film and simply enjoy life.

This is how the company Paganel Studio was born.


In 2008, after a joint trip to Papua and an exhibition called "Princess of Papua", where photos of Andrii and Olga, watercolors by Votsmush, graphics by Olga, and a film from the trip were presented, there was a desire to combine all these things into one whole and add a business component, in order not to be distracted by extraneous matters, but to focus on your favorite work. At this time, Andrii had the idea of ​​the first film project. The idea, script, and title of which were invented and written by him. The first version of this project was an art-documentary series called "12 Legends", later the script was rewritten and transformed by Andrii into a documentary format called "Legends of Disappeared Civilizations". This idea became the engine of what, after many metamorphoses, turned into what is now Paganel Studio a few years later. Since it was not possible to find funding from the outside for two and a half years, Andrii and Olga Andreeva decided to invest in themselves and open a new direction for themselves - to take with them those willing to go with them to distant countries around the world. Yes, what was dreamed of once began to become a reality and, unexpectedly, became a very popular occupation at the time. The first such trip with the group was the 2011-2012 New Year's expedition to Papua and other islands. Over time, our team began to grow, and many wonderful people were added, who became an integral part of it. Creativity and work with people began to develop in parallel, complementing each other.


Now, Andrei and Olga, as well as a team of our expedition leaders, conduct several expeditions with groups every month. Сreatively, we continue to shoot films on trips and edit them with our constant editor friend and professional Oleksandr Zu, we participate in dozens of international film festivals with our films, we have already received more than 150 awards around the world from Los Angeles to London, from Berlin to Calcutta (Winner Awards, Official Selections etc.), take photos, publish in magazines, develop designs for our expedition t-shirts, badges - gifts for the participants of our expeditions. Sashko Votsmush continues enthusiastically to engage in his creativity, paints pictures, gives master classes.

As a part of traveling with groups, we have been developing one of our favorite destinations for several years - "Polar Yacht Expeditions". Starting with the 2014-2015 New Year's expedition organized by us on three yachts to the shores of Antarctica, we fell in love with yachting and fell in love with the cold polar beauty. Two years later, in 2017, we conducted 2 and 3 Antarctic expeditions, and also went to the North - along the coasts of Greenland and Svalbard. Yes, polar latitudes have become our regular destinations. To make such trips, we purchased our first ice-class yacht called Mon Coeur, which means in French My Heart. A little later, we had a second beautiful yacht "Wind Dancer" in our fleet ("Dancing with the Wind")

Enjoy your acquaintance with our site and creativity.

Welcome to the world through our eyes!

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