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My childhood was spent in the Crimea, and for me the Crimea  means mountains, caves, waterfalls, beaches, palaces, ancient cities. It is just here my love to journey started. Any trip is always an event, a change in mood, emotions, vivid impressions. it was always interesting for me to see and feel how other people live, to get to know their culture and customs. Each place has its own unique atmosphere, perhaps that is what attracts me to the traveling.

​Among other hobbies, I love spending time in the company of my child, husband and friends, reading books, doing sports, yoga, fishing, needlework and sketching.

I believe that the most important thing is to be sincere and genuine in everything. I am happy about little things and try to see only the good in everything - in people, places, situations, food. I love and appreciate the people around me, and I am very happy to meet new people. I dream of going on a trip around the world and showing this amazing world to my child.

Travel, friends! It's always something bright and unforgettable, it's the sea of ​​smiles and a good mood.

Dream, friends, aspire - and your wish will certainly come true!

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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