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Kostyantyn Storozhenko



Pilgrim in life.

I come from Ukraine. I spent my youth there, and at the age of fifteen, I moved to live in Portugal. Twelve years later, life took me closer to the Alps and now I live in France, next to the mighty Mont Blanc (4810m).

I believe that at the crossroads of life, we meet people, and when we meet them, we never remain the same. We have an amazing opportunity to do good things and become better.

Since my early years, I have been in the Scouts club; I love children, hiking, and nature. After moving to Portugal, I discovered a new world of mountains, caves and rivers, which this wonderful country is rich in. Together with the boys, we went around many mountains in neighboring Spain, Morocco, and reached the top of the French Mont Blanc three times. Climbed Jbel Toubkal, Aneto, Mulhacen, Almanzor, Monte Perdido. After everything seen, it is simply impossible to live without new adventures!

After graduating from the Faculty of Tourism, I quit my job and realized that it was time to turn the page of my history.

I walked the French way - Camino Santiago de Compostela. About 900 km of everything new in my life: new friends, landscapes, positivity and adventures. Great experience! I realized that my plan is not to make big plans. Day after day, everything finds its solution.

Then I moved to France.

Many new and interesting travels, plus the sixth language in the piggy bank (I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French). Now, travel is becoming even more accessible and larger.

In parallel with my passion for mountains, since 2008 I have been a regular participant in street festivals of living statues, having visited Belgium, Holland, Poland, Lithuania, Israel and Singapore.

I also consider that I am an optimist, "if only there was health" - as my grandmother used to say :)

I traveled in 60 countries of the world.

I conducted unique expeditions with the Paganels such as the Salar de Uyuni salt flats; have been several times to Machu Picchu and the hinterlands of the Amazon; walked the tracks of Patagonia and observed the movement of glaciers; walked with mountain gorillas in Uganda, climbed the active volcano Nyorogongo in DR Congo and looked at a lava lake; in Ecuador I caught caimans with his hands, and in Colombia, I made my way through the jungle to the lost city of the ancient culture of Tyrone. Together with the Paganels we climbed the Travnia pyramids in Mexico and dived to the underwater statues of the Musa Museum in Cancun; traveled to the north of Chad for unforgettable landscapes and talked with nomads, admired rock arches and bathed in an oasis. Moreover, it is just the beginning!


Let us travel and discover the world together!

See you on the Earth planet!

Appreciate life! Love! Travel!

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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