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Day of the Dead in MEXICO

11 days

20 people



Kateryna Poliarska 



11 days

23.10.2024 - 2.11.2024


Not many national holidays become world famous. Carnival in Rio or Venice? Kumbh Mela in India? Very few of them can boast of having preserved their history for many thousands of years. And certainly, few of them are marked on the territory of several countries. What are we talking about? Of course, we are talking about Mexico and the Day of the Dead! A holiday, interest in which is growing every year.


Memorial Day and carnival, a sea of ​​traditions, special costumes, rituals, food. In late October-early November, this action, colored in fiery orange, covers the whole of Central America.

We will go there to study its history, get acquainted with the traditions, taste it and, most important, to reincarnate as its participants! Full immersion in the atmosphere is guaranteed!

 We will get acquainted with the capital of Mexico, swim in the Pacific Ocean, walk in the mountains and visit one of the most original corners of Mexico - the state of Oaxaca.

The land of the amazing Zapotec - the people of the Clouds, Ben'Zaa, as they call themselves. We are waiting for reserved beaches and colonial cities, caves and coffee plantations, folk crafts and creations of world famous masters. Mexican cuisine is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (yes, it is not only tacos and burritos).