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a trip to the heart of the Atlantic through 5 islands



2990 EURO


Kateryna Poliarska 



12 days

June 09 - June 20, 2025


We created this trip for those who like to relax with adventures, feel the romance of island life with a pronounced heritage of continental history. For those who love the charm of small villages with colorful houses, vineyards, farms surrounded by the boundless waters of the Atlantic Ocean, incredible landscapes shaped by the struggle of lava, wind and water, and adore the history, architecture of Spanish and coastal culture; who love active walks and the unity of the team spirit.


The Azores will surprise even those who have heard about them before. We will visit with you not two, not three, but as many as five islands. Between the islands we will sail on ferries, fly on planes, our movements will give the feeling of a real journey with a change of vivid pictures of our impressions.

The program includes trekking, visits to museums, family farms and vineyards, fumarole and mineral water valleys, incredible caves; conquering the highest island points, a volcano; an unexpected meeting with tea fields, many viewing platforms and locations for incredible photos.

We will walk a lot, have fun, and listen to local stories about why this or that island is better than the others are. We will taste and compare the most delicious dishes of the islands, recharge with the energy of antiquity created by man, and marvel at the creations of nature, which does not stop in its movement towards even more amazing landscapes and changing landscapes.

Kostyantyn Storozhenko

Expedition leader, translator


  1. ​All flights on the route Lisbon/Terceira/Sao Jorge/Pico/Ponta Delgada/Lisbon

  2. Accommodation in double rooms (11 nights) in hotels

  3. All transfers according to the program

  4. Introductory walk through the city of Angra do Heroismo on the island of Terceira

  5. Sightseeing tour on about. Terceira

  6. Sightseeing tour on about. Sao Jorge

  7. Trekking on about. Sao Jorge

  8. Sightseeing tour on about. Pico

  9. Sightseeing tour on about. Faial

  10. Introductory walk around Madalena (Pico island)

  11. Excursion to the valley of post-volcanic phenomena Furnas and to Lagoa do Fogo (Sao Miguel island)

  12. Ferry tickets Pico - Faial - Pico

  13. São Jorge - Pico Ferry Tickets

  14. Entrances to museums, parks, geological attractions according to the program

  15. Breakfast included

  16. 6 lunches during excursions

  17. 1 dinner prepared by the owners of the tourist homestead especially for the group

  18. Services of a Russian-speaking guide accompanying the group throughout the route

  19. Services of an expedition leader of the Paganel Studio team 


Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.


Day 1

You need to arrive in the capital of sunny Portugal the day before - June 8 - and spend the night in Lisbon. We have an early morning flight to the first island of Terceira, so we'll all meet at the Humberto Delgado International Airport (LIS). 
You need to be at check-in at 06:45 am, no late arrivals! 

Please note that the program does not include free time in the capital, so if you would like to walk the streets of this city, you should arrive a couple of days earlier, or even better, stay after the program is over (see the final day of the trip). 

The whole group checks in for the domestic flight and flies together for 3 hours to the first island of Terceira. 
At the arrival airport, a transfer to the Terceira Mar hotel is already waiting for us. 
First, we check in, and then continue exploring the evening city of Angra do Eroísmo.

The historical center of Angra do Heroismo consists of a lace of streets and lanes, churches, palaces, estates, monuments, squares and gardens that have survived to this day, despite natural disasters. The title of "noble, devoted and faithful" awarded to Angra do Heroismo underlines the importance of this city in the history of Portugal and the Azores archipelago.

UNESCO has included the historic center of Angra do Heroismo in the World Heritage List for the preservation of the city as an architectural complex and in recognition of the strategic role played by its port in the Atlantic.

In one of the restaurants with a panoramic view of the ocean, we will spend an evening of acquaintances with the traditional presentation of T-shirts.


Included: flight to the island Terceira and Hotel Terceira Mar 4*

Day 2

Today we will completely devote our day to getting to know the island of Terceira.


We will start our walk from the observation deck on Mount Brasil, a volcanic crater on the western side of the bay, which offers the most picturesque panoramic view of the city of Angra do Heroismo.

In the 15th-16th centuries, Angra Bay and the city itself were of great importance in the political and economic development of the whole country. At the foot of the mountain there is a fortress built by order of the King of Spain during the Spanish rule. It is one of the most impressive fortresses in Portugal from the 16th century and the largest Spanish fort in the world.

We will continue our journey through the southern part of the island with a stop at a cafe where you can taste the best coffee on the island and find out why it is served here. Then we will visit the Gothic church of Sao Sebastiao, built by the first settlers, and get acquainted with one of the visiting cards of Terceira - the multi-colored Imperios, where objects of religious worship for the feast of the Holy Spirit are kept.

Having walked a lot, we will spend time for lunch in a local village restaurant, with a typical Terceiren meat dish Alcatra and the most famous local cake Dona Amelia. This is delicious!


Next, we will go to the northern part of the island, stop at the famous observation deck of the island of Serra do Cume, from where, in good weather, a breathtaking view of the interior of the island opens.

A visit to a unique geological phenomenon is planned - an empty volcano Algar do Carvao. Stop at Ponta dos Biscoitos to explore natural sea pools formed by solidified lava. Under favorable weather conditions, there will be an opportunity to swim. We return to our hotel, dinner is optional (in the hotel restaurant with a panoramic view of the ocean or one of the restaurants in the city).

Included: Hotel Terceira Mar 4*, breakfast and lunch

Day 3

Early breakfast at the hotel and departure from the hotel - today, we say goodbye to the first island on our way. We are waiting for a transfer to the airport and a flight to the island of Sao Jorge. Flight – 35 min. Small planes of the local company SATA fly between all 9 islands of the Azores group.

Wasting no time, we load our suitcases onto the bus and start straight from the airport to get to know Sao Jorge - this is one big stone brown rock created by a series of eruptions moving from east to west. The landscape of the island is considered unique and one of a kind among all the islands of the archipelago.

Its peculiarity lies in the presence of small flat, fertile terraces (faija - Faija) at the base of the rocks. They were formed as a result of landslides caused by earthquakes, or when boiling lava flows into the ocean. Many of them have been turned into fruit-bearing gardens, where, thanks to a special microclimate, tropical fruits, dragon trees and even coffee itself grow (the only place in the entire archipelago).

More than 20,000 cows graze on vast green pastures, which occupy 80% of the entire territory of the island. According to statistics, there are 2 cows for every inhabitant of the island. This determines the main branch of the island's economy - cheese and dairy products. São Jorge cheese is famous not only in the archipelago, but also in continental Portugal and around the world. It has a distinctive pungent, spicy taste. And it depends on how long it takes. The "older" the head of the cheese, the sharper its taste.

The views here are extraordinary, wherever you look - the ocean and neighboring islands. We will stop at the most popular viewing platforms. Along the way, we will be told about the unique mystical history of the Urzelina church. Lunch at a rustic restaurant with a sample of local cheeses.

After lunch, we will visit the attraction of the Azores - a family coffee "mini-factory". It will be especially interesting because it belongs to the family of our local guide in São Jorge Island. We will not only be told the story of the appearance of a coffee tree on an island lost in the ocean, but will also be invited to a home workshop for the production of famous (no less than coffee) woolen bedspreads, blankets and other products made on old wooden looms.

Day 4

We have breakfast in our kinta and set out on our first trek around the island. You have to walk 10 km, going down one of the best landscape parts of the island. We take a pre-prepared lunch with us.


This wonderful hiking route is considered the bookplate of the island, with its stunning views of green landscapes, endless ocean, lagoons and unique cliffs. On the terrace of Caldeira de Santo Cristo is the famous lake where the Ameijoas mollusks are found (the only such place in Portugal).

Today we spend the night on the ocean with a wonderful view.


(Included: Sao Jorge Garden 3*, breakfast and lunch)

During our stay on the terrace, we will know about how these unique geological phenomena were formed, we will be introduced to interesting biological information and the history of the people who brought these terraces, destroyed by the 1980 earthquake, back to life. There will be some time for swimming in the lake, located almost on the ocean (another unique phenomenon). There are stops for rest and lunch along the way.

After walking, we return to the hotel with stops along the way at the observation decks.


Today, a cozy Portuguese restaurant will demonstrate its hospitality by serving us a common dinner with traditional dishes of the island.

(Included: Sao Jorge Garden 3*, breakfast and dinner)

Day 5

Sao Jorge is a small island, so it is time for us to move in the direction of the next one. After breakfast, the transfer will take us to the port, from where this time we will take a ferry to Pico Island (1 hour 20 minutes on the way)

Our hotel Caravelas is located opposite the port; we leave our things in the hotel's storage room and start for an introductory walk around the village of Madalena. We finish everything with a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants to choose from. Next - check-in at the hotel.

Leaving the suitcases, we go to see a unique volcanic phenomenon of its kind - Gruta das Torres. This is the longest lava cave in Portugal. Such hollow spaces are obtained by uneven cooling of the lava flowing from the slopes of the volcano. The surface layers of lava, due to contact with air, which is much colder than the lava itself, cool faster and become monolithic, forming a solid crust. The first 450 meters of the cave can be visited with a guide. Here we will meet with stalactites and stalagmites, with bizarre shapes formed by solidified lava. A real speleological adventure!

In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset in one of the local view restaurants (in one of the most beautiful bars in the world - the Cella Bar restaurant. In 2016, according to the results of voting on the world-famous architectural portal Archdaily, this bar was recognized as the best building in the Hospitality Arquitecture category.

Alternatively, in the most popular restaurant of the island Ancoradouro overlooking the neighboring island of Faial. Specialization - seafood (including octopus according to the restaurant's traditional recipe).


(Included: Hotel Caravelas 4*, breakfast)

Day 6

Today we have a day trip to visit the neighboring island of Faial. The ferry ride from Pico takes 30 minutes. Often, even during a simple crossing between the islands, exclamations are heard: “Golfinhos!”, which in Portuguese means “Dolphins!”. Everyone immediately runs to the right side of the board and enjoys the accompaniment of jumping dolphins.

We jump in the bus and start from the settlement of Horta with stops at the observation decks in the direction of the Caldeira crater, surrounded by lush vegetation and one of the main attractions of Faial. In good weather, from the observation deck next to the crater, you can enjoy a view of the neighboring island of Pico.

Next, we will have lunch in a typical rural restaurant, where a traditional Faialian lunch will end with a delicious volcanic pudding prepared by the owner of the restaurant according to her own recipe.

Continue on the road to the Capelinhos volcano, one of the most significant volcanic phenomena of recent years and the main tourist attraction of Faial. The eruption of the Capelinhos volcano in 1957 changed the geography of the island. The island ends where the lighthouse now stands.

During the eruption, the lighthouse was covered with volcanic ash approximately up to the second floor. Now there is an interactive museum - a research center for volcanic activity, where you can learn not only about the eruption of the Capelinhos volcano, but also about similar eruptions in other parts of the world. You can climb the lighthouse and see breathtaking views of the volcano, and around so far there is only a desert of volcanic ash. To visit Faial and not to walk along the youngest land in Europe, and not to go down to the lighthouse still sprinkled with volcanic ash - it is like sailing past Faial. In the absence of strong winds and a ticket to the museum center, climbing to the lighthouse is allowed. During the tour, stops are made at the most beautiful viewing platforms of the island.

In conclusion, we will walk around the city of Horta - one of the most beautiful cities of the archipelago, with beautiful old facades, many of which are examples of architecture of the 18th-19th centuries. Despite the small size of the city, it has many attractions, including churches with rich interior decoration. We will have a unique opportunity to walk along the famous Orta promenade and admire the multi-colored "carpet" of hundreds of autographs of yachtsmen from all over the world, as well as look into Peter Cafe Sport, which has become the unofficial club of all yachtsmen crossing the Atlantic.


By 5 p.m., you need to take the return ferry to Pico Island to our hotel.

Free dinner at one of the coastal restaurants in Madalena.


(Included: Hotel Caravelas 4*, breakfast and lunch)

Day 7

Today we have a free day, with any additional activity to choose.

Trekking lovers have a unique opportunity to organize an ascent to the highest point in Portugal. Yes, yes, this is just the Pico volcano of the same name, with its 2351 m above sea level. But do not worry, you will have to go exactly half of its height. Distance 3.8 km with a climb of 1150 m.

Those who like cycling can rent bicycles or scooters right at our hotel and make an interesting trip through the vineyards included in the World Heritage List, walk through them and swim in natural pools, get the most beautiful locations for photo shoots.


Alternatively, make full-day trekking along the lakes.


You can also pre-book a boat trip for whale and dolphin watching.


(Included: Hotel Caravelas 4*, breakfast)

Day 8

We will have breakfast, load our suitcases on the bus, and then we will have a sightseeing trip around Pico Island, which includes a simple walking route.


We get acquainted with the "gray" island of Pico - an island of harsh, truly volcanic beauty. After all, this is the youngest of the Azores. We will visit the wine museum in Madalena, where we will learn the history of winemaking on the island of Pico, rightfully considered the wine capital of the Azores. We will know what kind of wine was served at the table and what kind of wines are the pride of the Azorians now.


The vineyards of Pico are a unique sight: the vineyards are protected from wind and bad weather by fences made of volcanic stone. The landscape, which includes the vineyards of Pico Island, is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We will continue to be active by walking along the Trilho Santana or Cabrito track for about 1 hour. Then we will drive along a picturesque mountain road to the village of Lajes. We will go to the whaling museum, which tells about the history of this craft, and admire the talent of sailors who made exquisite objects from the teeth and bones of sperm whales. Well, it will be difficult to manage without lunch in a rustic restaurant with delicious food for refreshment.

When crossing the mountain pass, we will stop for a photo of stunning views of the ocean and natural lava pools. We arrive at the airport, fly to San Miguel, and transfer to the hotel. Free dinner at one of the city's restaurants, you can pre-book seats at one of the most popular restaurants in San Miguel - Mariserra, to try rice with seafood, shellfish and fish, cooked in a Brazilian stone pan. The only restaurant where food is prepared in such an unusual way. Always-fresh fish in stock. Located on the oceanfront, 20min walk from the hotel.


Alternatively, in a cozy restaurant São Pedro (5 min walk from the hotel) with a rich selection of meat and seafood dishes.


(Included: Ponta Delgada 3*, breakfast and lunch)

Day 9

A new island and it is time to rush to meet new experiences. We drive to the famous Furnas Valley and Lagoa do Fogo lake. These places are so famous that, most likely, you have already seen them somewhere or read about them. Furnas, according to the World Travel Guide, is one of the top five locations in the world for exploring various forms of volcanic activity.

First, our path lies to the lake Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoa do Fogo), located on top of the volcano of the same name at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The inner slopes of the lake are covered with endemic plants and are one of the main nesting sites for seabirds. Lagoa do Fogo is a natural reserve, therefore, any human activity is prohibited here and nature dominates.

The journey continues at the observation deck of Santa Iria, from where a magnificent panorama of the northern coast of the island opens. Next, we will visit the Gorreana tea factory, where black and green tea is produced. The fact that the only place in Western Europe where tea is grown is the island of Sao Miguel makes it unique. Here you will see the whole process of tea production, learn the history of its appearance in San Miguel and the history of the factory itself. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the taste of not only tea, but also ... (!) ice cream with various additives, which is produced here, at the tea factory, and it is considered the most delicious on the island.

It is obligatory to stop at the Pico de Ferro observation deck with the opportunity to take photos of Furnas from a bird's eye view. The most impressive part of the tour takes place in Furnas itself - the Valley of the Grottoes. This is a flowering garden with a lake of the same name and murmuring hot streams in the depths of a wide crater.

At noon - a visit to the shores of Lake Furnas, to Caldeiras, in the burning steam of the pits of which the famous cuzida is prepared (roasted from local varieties of meat and vegetables, languishing for about 6 hours in the ground). In the presence of tourists, it is extracted from the bowels of the earth and it is served for lunch in one of the local restaurants. If there are vegetarians or vegans in the group, please notify in advance. They will be served appropriate meals.

After lunch, visiting the idyllic Terra Noshtra Park, where exotic plants from the tropics and from cold countries are mixed. There will be an opportunity to swim in a pool of water rich in iron and heated by the internal heat of the Earth. We recommend using dark bathing suits, as the water is rich in iron! The trip will end with a visit to the valley of fumaroles and mineral waters - one of the richest hydrological zones in Europe (more than 20 mineral waters of different chemical composition).

Optional dinner.


(Included: Ponta Delgada 3*, kuzidu breakfast and lunch)

Day 10

We have breakfast and drive to the western part of the island - to the lakes of Seti Cidadesh and to a pineapple plantation.

The first stop is to visit the pineapple greenhouses, where you can see the whole process of their growth and ripening, to taste the pineapple liqueur. The only place in the world where pineapples are grown in greenhouses on an industrial scale is Sao Miguel Island!

Then we go to the western part of the island. Climb up the mountain road to the famous Royal View (Vista do Rei), which offers a wonderful view of one of the seven officially recognized natural wonders of Portugal - Blue and Green lakes (visibility depends on weather conditions).

Descent to the Sete Cidades valley, a short rest stop, the opportunity to visit the church of St. Nicholas, try the local gastronomic celebrity - Sant Jorge cheesecakes and take a walk along the lakeshore. Around the lake are agricultural lands and green primeval fields. We will make a stop at the observation deck overlooking Lake Santiago (Lagoa do Santiago), located in the crater of the volcano. Stop at the Carvão viewpoint (Pico do Carvão) overlooking the central part of the island.

Our adventure is ending, and therefore, after all the activities, we will gather for a joint dinner, share our emotions and recharge our team spirit.

(Included: Ponta Delgada 3*, breakfast)

Day 11

Today we have a free day with activities to choose from.

Those who have not gone to watch whale and dolphin on Pico Island can make this exit from Sao Miguel. The duration of the event on the water takes 2.5-3 hours. The Azores are considered one of the best whale watching destinations. Here they are in their natural habitat. Here they meet humpback whales, fin whales and the world's largest blue whale, in addition, the waters give a meeting with various species of dolphins. Boats of the "zodiac" type or a large catamaran are used.

The tour begins with a briefing by a marine biologist. It will tell you about safety rules and some interesting facts about the life of cetaceans in the Azores. Then the crew will give each passenger a life jacket and the exit to the ocean will begin directly.

Who wants to add adrenaline and go down the riverbed, we invite you to canyoning in Ribeira das Caldeiroes - the land of waterfalls and water mills. Duration - 4 hours.

Canyoning is overcoming mountain rivers and waterfalls without the help of swimming facilities. At the same time, you can jump into the water from a height, climb or descend on a cable, move along the canyon of rivers, climb rocks like climbers.Here age does not matter; the main thing is that a person has a desire to experience something new. Each transition is a unique pleasure, because you can jump from a noisy waterfall, see unusual creations of nature, and find amazing and mysterious places. The main advantage of canyoning is that you do not need to undergo special training. You just need to be able to swim and keep your emotions in your hands. Do not be afraid, but you should listen to the instructions of the instructor who is watching you and responsible for your safety. The route is made depending on the physical data of the team.

(Included: Ponta Delgada 3*, breakfast)

Day 12

We wake up in the morning, load our things on the bus, and arrive at the airport around 6:25. We go through all the formalities. There will be an opportunity to have a snack before the flight. 
The flight to Lisbon is at 8:25. Arrival in Lisbon is at 11:40. 
Please note: The flight home from Lisbon on 20.06. is possible after a late lunch, or better - in the evening! 
The end of the trip, tears of farewell and hugs. There are more of us again - friends, like-minded people, Paganels! 


Those who wish can independently continue their journey for a couple of days: get to know the capital Lisbon and the luxurious royal gardens of Quinta da Regaleira, visit the colorful Palacio da Pena and stop by the westernmost continental point of Europe - Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca).


(Included: breakfast and flight to Lisbon)

We are unique

For many years, we have been traveling the world to our small planet's most remote and unusual places.  We do not use the services of domestic travel agencies.  The trips we invent and carry out are always unique and have their unique zest, charm, and adventurous spirit.



The first thing that interests us is creativity in everything.  During the expeditions, we shoot a lot of videos, take pictures, write stories, draw pictures.  If you are interested in a creative approach to life and travel, then WELCOME... we are very happy to meet you!



By joining our team, you join a kind of club-family, which already consists of several hundred people who are interested in discovering the world with us.


Since most of the expenses for the organization of the trip are air tickets and travel documents for other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. are not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We simply have no way to return it.

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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