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expedition on yachts Mon Coeur and Wind Dancer

29 days








October 12, 2024 - November 09, 2024

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29 days


Adventure, Hiking, Sailing

The start of this difficult and extremely interesting yachting expedition will be from the Falkland Islands, and the end will also be there. Therefore, in addition to South Georgia, we will also see the Falklands, which in themselves are also a very unusual place.




South Georgia is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean, which is a part of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is located approximately 750 nautical miles east of the Falkland Islands. The length of South Georgia from east to west is about 170 kilometers long and has a maximum width of 35 kilometers.

 The area is mountainous, with a central ridge 2935 meters high on Mount Paget. The northern coast is indented by numerous bays and fjords, which serve as good harbors.

Discovered by Europeans in 1675, South Georgia had no indigenous population due to its harsh climate and remoteness. Captain James Cook on HMS Resolution made the first landing, surveyed and mapped the island, and on January 17, 1775, declared it a British possession, naming "Georgia Island" in honor of King George III.

 Throughout its history it has served as a base for whaling and seal hunting, with occasional populations scattered across several whaling bases, the most important historically being Grytviken.


Why is South Georgia so famous that the Paganels are going to go there on their yachts Mon Coeur and Wind Dancer? The fact that there is an unprecedented incredible huge kingdom of Antarctic animals. The colony of king penguins alone there has about half a million individuals.

Seals, southern elephant seal colonies, leopard seals, fur seals, penguins of other species. Very wild, very beautiful and hard to reach places. South Georgia is the British Overseas Antarctic Territories and we will get all the necessary permits for our fleet and for each member of the expedition in advance.

  The start of this difficult and extremely interesting yachting expedition will be from the Falkland Islands, and the end will also be there. Therefore, in addition to South Georgia, we will also see the Falklands, which in themselves are also a very unusual place.




Яхта Mon Coeur

Яхтовий капітан із більш ніж тридцятирічним стажем




Яхта Mon Coeur

Досвідчений яхтсмен


Валерій Пєтущак

Яхта Wind Dancer

Яхтовий капітан, кандидат у майстри спорту



Yacht Mon Coeur

Experienced captain


Stanislav Starikov

Yacht Mon Coeur

Experienced yachtsman.


Valery Petushchak

Yacht Wind Dancer

Yacht captain. Candidate Master of Sports.



Yacht Wind Dancer

Experienced yachtsman.

More details

The cost of the expedition includes:

  • ● freight forwarding yacht for 29 days;

  • ● services of a professional team and ship's cook;

  • ● 3 meals a day on board;

  • ● fuel according to the route;

  • ● necessary permits and permits;

  • ● port dues, all necessary taxes;

  • ● all current expenses to ensure the life of the vessel;

  • ● life jacket (PSP), automatic type, with a harness;

  • ● 2-bed accommodation, in a comfortable heated cabin;

  • ● bed linen, which includes a cozy duvet;

  • ● access to visual materials such as nautical charts and a miniature onboard thematic library;

  • ● access to the Internet through the Starlink system in network coverage areas.

The cost of the expedition does not include:

● air tickets to Port Stanley (Falklands) and back;

● alcoholic drinks;

● transfers to and from the airport;

● accommodation in hotels, if necessary, before and after the expedition;

● Supplement for single occupancy;

● visa;

● insurance and expenses related to personal evacuation;

● expenses for the use of satellite communications;

● personal clothing and equipment.


Due to the new requirements of the country, only holders of full vaccination certificates will be able to join the trip.


Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.


Day 1
(12 October)

Flight from your city to Port Stanley Falkland Islands (Malvinas). Mount Pleasant Airport.


At the airport you will be met by a member of the crew of the yacht and accompanied to the ship, where we get to know the captain and other members of the expedition team. Accommodation in cabins.

Introduction to the yacht. Safety briefing from the captain. Purchase in stores of additional products and sweets: fruits, alcohol, sweets. Final preparations for going out to the ocean.

  Based on the fact that our expedition is quite dense in terms of distance and time, we have a lot of things to do on this day.... we do not relax, but immediately after meeting the captains, crew and members of the expedition, we are involved in preparations for the start of the journey. The crew and you will have to arrange a way out, finish with the purchase of provisions, realizing that we are going to little-known and completely uninhabited corners of our planet, where we will not meet anyone except for virgin nature and wild animals.


An evening of acquaintances on board yachts or in a restaurant on the shore. Presentation of expedition personal t-shirts and badges. After dinner, we go to rest, and according to the weather, the yachts go towards South Georgia (the goal of our expedition).

Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
(13, 14, 15, 16, 17 October)

Before leaving for South Georgia, we organize our daily life, shifts, work in the galley, cleaning the ship.


As with all our other expeditions, this is a "practical" voyage. Guests are expected to participate fully in all aspects of the expedition such as galley work, watch keeping and sailing maneuvers (optional) to the best of their ability.

We must pass the Antarctic Convergence Zone (Antarctic Front), over 750 miles in one of the most severe seas in the world. As a team, we will live an active, adventurous journey. 

Day 7
(18 October)

Come to South Georgia! We will pass along the northeast coast, the lee shore of the island. Our primary duty is to get to the "capital" of the islands - the town of Gritviken, where we need to stop for a day, so that all the official procedures for staying in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. During the stop, we will have time to rest, wash and clean up.

Those who have already walked the great waters of the South Atlantic know that from the moment we enter the ocean, we will have to watch out for icebergs. Drifting chunks of ice detached from Antarctic glaciers are both a safety risk and a treat to the eye.

Day 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20
(19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 October)

 Grytviken, a settlement founded over a hundred years ago as a whaling base in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is currently the capital of the South Georgia Islands.

Remains of early settlements such as Whalers' Church or the tomb of famed Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, can still be seen today. After an easy walk up the hills, behind the whaling station there is a good view of Grytviken, the whaling station and King Edward Point.

From here we will head to the northeastern part of the island, where we can visit Prince Olaf Harbor and Fortune Bay. Fortune Bay is the starting point of the legendary Shackleton Traverse. Depending on weather conditions, we will try to go trekking along this trail to Stromness Bay, where there are also the remains of a large whaling base and which penguins and seals have chosen to live in.

The next days we will move to the southeastern part of the island. St. Andrews Bay has a huge concentration of king penguins and elephant seals.

It is home to the world's largest colony of king penguins. It was at this time that the cubs of king penguins are covered with beautiful “chocolate” fluff and are almost the same size as their parents.

To get to the main part of the colony, we will have to make a short track to the glacier in order to cross the river flowing from it and go down to the sea. This is an impressive spot for wildlife watching.

   Stunning landscapes of stunning wildlife open up before our eyes.

During the second leg of the journey, we explore the northwest corner of South Georgia. During the trekking, we will have the opportunity to appreciate the famous landscapes of South Georgia. There is an overwhelming concentration of fur seals and elephant seals.

  We will also see the famous Grey-headed Albatross, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the bird with the fastest horizontal flight. In 2004, such a flight speed of 127 km/h was recorded, which the albatross maintained for more than 8 hours, returning to its nest on South Georgia Island during an Antarctic storm.

Grey-headed albatrosses nest in large colonies on several islands in the Southern Ocean and, unlike other albatrosses, spend more time in the open ocean than on continental shelves. Being out of the colony for many years, young albatrosses cover huge distances, often going around the Earth several times.

  The northwest coast of South Georgia has a large number of anchorages. With strong winds in uninhabited harbors, under the experienced guidance of our captain, we will select the best of them, in dependence on weather conditions.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the administration of South Georgia is actively involved in protecting the environment. During the expedition, we will try to visit as many places as possible, but some locations may be closed in order to protect endangered species and animal colonies.

Conducting our expedition in accordance with the environmental guidelines of the government of South Georgia is critical to the success of our journey and future expeditions.

  We count on your understanding and hope to respect nature on this incredible journey!

Day 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28
(November 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Again in the ocean. On the return trip from South Georgia to the Falkland Islands, we must keep a close eye on the weather and look for good directions to maneuver.

Crossing to Port Stanley, westerly winds are the prevailing winds in this region. Therefore, the return trip will take 1-2 days more.

Day 29
(November 8)

We arrive at Port Stanley. In the morning, the captains formalize the arrival at the port and receive permission to disembark. We collect things. We say goodbye to our beloved yacht, crew and captains. Tears of parting and sadness from the fact that our amazing expedition has already ended. We dream of meeting again and building our future "great" plans for new trips and expeditions...


Transfer to the airport and flight to Chile, and from there home.

Please note that this Itinerary is preliminary. The weather always has the final say. The itinerary is designed in such a way as to leave enough time at the end of the Expedition in case of any delays due to weather conditions.

If necessary, the route of the expedition can be changed by the captain depending on the external conditions!


Mon Coeur

The yacht «Mon Coeur» (‎My Heart‎‎) is owned by Paganel Studio, which has been organizing and conducting trips around the world since the end of 2011.  Since 2014, we have been conducting polar yachting expeditions, which have already become regular for us.  Therefore, for these purposes, we have acquired our fleet, consisting of two ice-class yachts.

яхта 1.webp

The two-masted motor-sailing yacht «Mon Coeur» was built in Germany at the shipyard DÜBBEL & JESSE.  It has an aluminum hull with a long keel line equipped with an additional trimmer.

Mon Coeur.webp

Yacht length: 20.40 meters (66.97 feet) Beam: 5.42 m

Draft: 4.0

Sailing rig: Ketch with the top rig.

It has 2 Perkins diesel engines, each with 130 HP/ 95.55 (kW) Extensive renovations were carried out in 2002, 2013, and 2018.

In 2017-18 it was insulated and completely re-equipped for expeditions in cold latitudes.

It has a large fuel supply: 2 tanks of 2000 liters each.

Freshwater supply 2000 liters + a water-maker 

For a comfortable stay of guests and crew on board, there are:

  • 3 toilets with showers;

  • four independent heaters for heating the interior;

  • air conditioning system;

  • television;

  • modern audio system;

  • washing machine with dryer;

  • satellite connection;

  • coffee machine;

  • fully equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer,

  • microwave and oven;

  • on-board library.

An autonomous diesel generator, high-capacity batteries, and a powerful inverter provide all the premises of the yacht with 220 volts during long passages.  Two 5-seater inflatable boats with outboard motors provide us transportation to and from the shore.

Mon Coeur 3.webp

The yacht can comfortably accommodate 12 people: 8 passengers and 4 crew members.  We accommodate guests of our yacht in comfortable and cozy cabins for 2 people.


Team composition: professional experienced Captain, First mate, Sailor, Cook.

Plan-scheme "Mon Coeur"

Mon Coeur 4.jpg

1,2,4,5 - guest cabins
3.6 - crew cabin
7 - cabin company
8 - navigation
9- kitchen
10, 11, 12 - toilet and shower

size of beds:
cabin 1, 2:195 cm headboard, 100 feet
cabin 4 upper berth 200 cm x 80 x 47 lower berth 200 cm x 96 x 50
cabin 5 upper berth 200 cm x 70 x 47 lower berth 195 cm x 80 x 47
cabin 6 upper berth 195 cm x 78 x 60 lower berth 195 cm x 80 x 60

Each will be provided with a duvet, pillow, bed linen, and towel.

A detailed video review of the yacht Mon Coeur can be viewed here:

Wind Dancer

Yacht  «Wind Dancer» A 21-meter steel sail-motor Bermuda sloop was built by Viking Marine-Rahmi H. Koc by Sciomachen – Naval Architects and Yacht. The metal hull with a long keel line has excellent seaworthiness.

Wind Dancer 1.webp

Yacht length: 21.64 meters (71 feet)

Width: 5.48m

Draft: 3.2m

The design of the yacht has a spacious pilothouse to shelter the crew on the upper deck in bad weather.

The yacht is equipped with a 265-horsepower Perkins diesel engine with 225 kW of power. In 2015 and 2018, a major reconstruction of the yacht was carried out for its operation in the unforgiving environments of the Arctic and Antarctica.

Wind Dancer 2.webp

The yacht's equipment allows sailing of any complexity, including difficult ice conditions.

Fuel supply 2100 liters in two tanks.

Freshwater supply 1000 liters + distiller

For a comfortable stay of guests and crew on board, there are:

  • 4 toilets with showers;

  • autonomous heating system for all residential interior spaces;

  • independent air conditioning system for each room.

  • television;

  • modern audio system;

  • washing machine with dryer;

  • satellite connection;

  • fully equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer,

  • yacht library.

Two diesel generators, service batteries, and a powerful inverter provide all the premises of the yacht with 220 volts during long passages.  An inflatable boat with an outboard motor allows for movement between ship and land.

Wind Dancer 3.jpg

The yacht can comfortably accommodate 12 people: 8 passengers and 4 crew members.  Each cabin is comfortable and cozy with separate beds for 2 people.

Plan-scheme "Wind Dancer" ("Dancing with the Wind")


1,2,3,4,5,6 - cabins
7,8,9,10 - toilet and shower

The composition of the team is experienced professionals with the necessary experience of ice expeditions: Captain, First mate, Sailor, Cook.

Each member of the expedition will be provided with a duvet, pillow, bed linen, towel.

A detailed video review of the Wind Dancer yacht can be viewed here:



We are unique

For many years, we have been traveling the world to our small planet's most remote and unusual places.  We do not use the services of domestic travel agencies.  The trips we invent and carry out are always unique and have their unique zest, charm, and adventurous spirit.


The first thing that interests us is creativity in everything.  During the expeditions, we shoot a lot of videos, take pictures, write stories, draw pictures.  If you are interested in a creative approach to life and travel, then WELCOME... we are very happy to meet you!



By joining our team, you join a kind of club family, which already consists of several hundred people who are interested in discovering the world with us.

Since most of the expenses for organizing a trip  – air tickets and travel documents for other modes of transportation, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. – are made by us in advance, long before the trip, the prepayment or payment for the trip is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.


Since most of the expenses for the organization of the trip are air tickets and travel documents for other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. are not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We simply have no way to return it.

Please note that this itinerary is tentative. The weather always has the last word. The itinerary is designed to allow sufficient time at the end of the Expedition in case of any weather-related delays. If necessary, the captain can change the expedition route depending on external conditions!

01_ (1).webp

Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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