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To Lofoten by

Wind Dancer yacht.









1 group

17.04.2025 - 25.04.2025

2 group 

28.04.2025 - 06.05.2025

 Travel to the very edge of Europe to experience the pristine beauty of Northern Norway. Sailing between incredibly beautiful peaks jutting out of the sea, catching the fish of your dreams or watching eagles circle in the sky. Feel like a Viking from ancient epics.

One of the most mysterious corners of the World, the main advantage of which is its unique untouched nature, wild, beautiful and dramatic. Mountains with sharp snowy peaks rising straight from the ocean, mysterious fjords, sandy beaches with snow-white sand, crystal clear sea splashing onto the land, secluded coves with clear emerald-colored water, thousands of islands and uninhabited islets. Reserved, fabulous, fantastically beautiful places, untouched by civilization.  Country of Vikings and fairy trolls.

The combination of the Northern Ocean, jagged alpine mountains rising out of the water, tiny fishing villages and white beaches with crystal clear waters will continue to captivate you throughout the route.

All THIS - during our yacht odyssey.   BEST OF THE BEST IN NORTHERN NORWAY!



• charter of an expedition yacht for 9 days;

• services of a professional crew and ship's cook;

• 3 meals a day on board;

• fuel according to the route;

• port fees, all necessary taxes;

• all current expenses to ensure the life of the vessel;

• life jacket (PSP), automatic type, with harness;

• Double occupancy, in a comfortable heated cabin;

• bed linen, which includes a cozy duvet;

• access to visual materials such as nautical charts and a miniature on-board thematic library;

• Internet access in Starlink coverage areas.


Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.


Day 1
.04.25) (28.04.25)

Flight from your city. Arrival at Svolvær airport. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the marina, check-in on the Paganel yacht. Meet the team. Settling into cabins.  Briefing and final preparation for the expedition.

For those who are still full of energy and ready to spend a few hours in the capital of the Lofoten Islands, a self-guided excursion to the ice sculpture gallery:

Magic Ice is the world's first Ice Gallery and ice bar. Magic Ice reflects the life of the Lofoten Islands, telling stories about centuries-old cultural traditions. They are about extraordinary trophy fish and tragic shipwrecks, about people living in fishing villages that huddle between steep mountains and the mighty ocean, about law, faith and superstition, about the ghosts of the sea, trolls and tree nymphs, who also found a place in the Magic Ice park

For those arriving the day before or early in the morning, there is a great opportunity to visit the Lofotr Viking Museum (just 55 km from Svolvajer) - an impressive reconstruction of the largest life-size dwelling built during the Viking Age.

Today we are planning a traditional Paganel acquaintance evening. Dinner from our cook-chef, presentation of T-shirts and expedition badges. Communicate with each other and the team in a cozy company cabin.

Day 2
.04.25) (29.04.25)

Leaving the marina in the morning, as soon as we wake up. The morning here is almost around the clock, because the period of white nights is approaching, and time in Norway loses its meaning. We have a delicious breakfast and set off to explore one of the most stunning places in Norway. After 15 miles, we will see the entrance to Norway's most picturesque fjord - Trollfjor.

The fjord is several kilometers long and only 100 meters wide, and the height of the steep cliffs overhanging the fjord reaches 1 kilometer!

Like most Norwegian natural attractions, Trollfjord has its own legend about its origin, which our crew will definitely tell you about.

If you are lucky, here we will meet the largest representative of the hawk family - the white-tailed eagle. These majestic birds have an impressive size - their wingspan can reach 2.7 meters.


We fish, take photographs and enjoy the dramatic landscape of Norway.

Fishing in Lofoten requires special mention, because thousands of fishermen flock here every year just for this event. The waters around the Lofoten Islands are incredibly rich in fish.

Cod, halibut, catfish, mackerel, perch, haddock, pollock, salmon and much more are actively caught here and you, of course, will try your hand at this as well.

Today we will spend the night at anchor in one of the beautiful rocky bays. We have a delicious dinner (if we are lucky, we eat our catch of the day) and enjoy being one with nature.

Day 3
.04.25) (30.04.25)

Wake up, breakfast, coffee.  Admiring morning Norway. It is especially beautiful at this time of year, when there is still snow on the mountaintops. We raise the anchor. Next, we have an 11 mile trek to the village of Kabelvag.

Along the way, we make stops and admire the fjords, catching fish for a delicious lunch. Any weather in these places makes Lofoten interesting to admire and contemplate.

Kabelvag, where we came, is a historical area, it was the most densely populated area in Northern Norway in the Middle Ages due to the Lofoten fishery. Currently, a small village has preserved its historical appearance and the general mood of ancient Norway.

Here we will admire the red and yellow huts facing the stunning mountain landscape and watch the small fishing boats come in and out of the harbour.


The weather is cool, but we go to stretch our legs and go for a walk towards King Øystein Mountain to admire the city and fjords from above, if the snow and the general condition of the trail allow. The mountain is small, but the views that the “King”, standing nearby in the form of a monument, allows you to take in are very beautiful.

BBQ dinner with freshly caught fish.

Day 4
.04.25) (01.05.25)

Wake up, breakfast. Leave no later than 10:00, walk 9 miles towards the very unusual town of Henningsvær.

Bridges connect the numerous islands of Henningsvær to the mainland and make this a truly unique place and extremely attractive for photographers.  Many of you have probably seen these photos with a football stadium on the island and mountains in the background. This is the amazing Henningsvær.

The town can deservedly bear the name of the Venice of the Lofoten Islands. At one time it played a significant role in the history of fishing in the Lofoten Islands and it is still an interesting place with many small craft workshops, many art galleries, creating a pleasant atmosphere around it.

We will definitely have free time to walk around the village and soak in the local flavor. We will take a hundred photos that will be the envy of all your friends).

Dinner on the yacht, relaxation.

Day 5
.04.25) (02.05.25)

Early rise, delicious breakfast, coffee. We walk 18 miles to the village of Gravdal.

Today we will leave the cover of fjords and islands, so there may be waves and some rolling. 

The village of Gravdal is located in the geographical center of the Lofoten Islands in the depths of Buksnes Bay.

There is also time to walk around and take photographs.  Perhaps in this village we will see another local flavor in the form of wooden frames with dried stockfish.

Low temperatures and strong winds make it possible to dry cod in the fresh air. Cod hanging right on the streets of the village from February to June is a familiar sight for local residents. It is noteworthy that it is dried without any additives, not even salted.

We will also visit the famous old Buxnes Church, which was built in 1905 and is a popular tourist attraction.


After the walk, we will continue our journey and sail 10 miles to the village of Nusfjord to see once again the traditional Norwegian fishing villages with rorbu houses. 

These rorbus on supports look very picturesque. Most of them are painted with brick-brown Hamnøya, the most widely available paint in Scandinavia, or ochre.

   Rorbu appeared a long time ago, back in the 12th century. Once upon a time, such a building had purely practical significance. During the fishing season, fishermen lived in such houses and boats moored right at the doorstep of the house.

In the evening we have dinner on the yacht and relax before another day full of impressions.

Day 6
.04.25) (03.05.25)

Wake up, delicious breakfast. Traditional coffee with views of the snow-capped mountains of Northern Norway.  We walk 10 miles to the northernmost point of our route - the village of Reine.

 Reine is a traditional Norwegian fishing village. As of 2018, its population was only 314 people. What's so special about her?  Reine, these are absolutely postcard views of Lofoten and Northern Norway.

Small fishermen's houses against the backdrop of majestic mountains look fabulous. Today, according to statistics, Reine is the most photographed village in Lofoten, it is very cozy and elegant, it makes a lasting impression.

If you type a query on the Internet with the word Lofoten, then you will always get 90% of the photos from this incredibly colorful village.

 Upon arrival in Reine, we take a pre-rented minibus and go to explore the most photographic spots in this area.

 The village attracts with the magic of northern beauty, impressive fabulous panoramas, and the amazing charm of calm and tranquility.

In the evening, we charge our cameras for another bright day of scenery. We have dinner on the yacht in the neat Reine Bay.

Day 7
.04.25) (04.05.25)

Wake up, breakfast. Today we are going to explore in depth the surroundings of Reine.

 We visit the very beautiful villages of Sørvågen and Hamnøya.  It would not be complete without hundreds of beautiful photographs.

 In the afternoon, we visit the beaches of Uttakleiv Beach and Haukland Beach.  Here we walk and enjoy the beautiful Arctic views of Northern Norway.

And closer to sunset we return to re-shoot the houses - a route into the Rhine itself.

In the evening, tired but happy, we return to the yacht. Dinner from our cook. Exchange of impressions and photographs. Gatherings in the wardroom. Rest.

If the weather permits, lovers of beautiful night photographs will continue to take photographs.

Day 8
.04.25) (05.05.25)

We wake up. We have breakfast. We say goodbye to the amazingly beautiful Reine. We rent a rented minibus.  We are preparing to go to sea.


Today we will have a long journey of almost 40 nautical miles to the capital of Lofoten, Svolvaier.

 If we have time, we will stop for fishing.  There we complete the sea part of our journey.

In the evening, there is a farewell dinner. Our chef, of course, will try to prepare you something tasty and special. Rest.

Day 9
.04.25) (06.05.25)

We wake up in the port of Svolvayer. We collect our things. We have breakfast. We say goodbye to our beloved yacht, crew and captains. Tears of parting and sadness that our amazing expedition is already over. We dream of meeting again and are making our future “great” plans for new travels and expeditions...

Independent transfer to the airport. Flight home.


Please note that this route is preliminary.

The weather always has the last word. If necessary, the expedition route can be changed by the captain depending on external conditions!


Not a single fisherman, even a beginner, is left without fish in Norway. A sea fish weighing less than 1 kg is considered small; the average weight fluctuates around 4-10 kg, although, of course, the most successful fishermen can often expect a trophy weighing 20-30 kg or more. For example, in the entire history of sport sea fishing, the largest trophy caught with a fishing rod was a halibut weighing 192 kg, caught in the summer of 2004. Sea fishing is possible all year round. The coast and the fjords closest to the sea never freeze. No license required. You can catch fish anywhere in Norway.

Яхта Wind Dancer

Yacht «Wind Dancer» a 21-meter steel sail-motor Bermuda sloop was built by Viking Marine-Rahmi H. Koc by Sciomachen – Naval Architects and Yacht. The metal hull with a long keel line has excellent seaworthiness.

Wind Dancer 1.webp

The yacht's equipment allows sailing of any complexity, including difficult ice conditions.

Fuel supply 2100 liters in two tanks.

Freshwater supply 1000 liters + distiller.

For a comfortable stay of guests and crew on board, there are:

  • 4 toilets with showers;

  • autonomous heating system for all residential interior spaces;

  • independent air conditioning system for each room.

  • television;

  • modern audio system;

  • washing machine with dryer;

  • fully equipped kitchen with fridge and freezer,

  • yacht library.

Two diesel generators, service batteries, and a powerful inverter provide all the premises of the yacht with 220 volts during long passages.  An inflatable boat with an outboard motor allows for movement between ship and land.

Wind Dancer 2.webp

The yacht can comfortably accommodate 12 people: 8 passengers and 4 crew members.  Each cabin is comfortable and cozy with separate beds for 2 people.

Wind Dancer 3.jpg

The composition of the team is experienced professionals with the necessary experience of ice expeditions: Captain, First mate, Sailor, Cook.

Plan-scheme "Wind Dancer" (Dancing with the Wind")


1,2,3,4,5,6 - cabins
7,8,9,10 - toilet and shower

Each member of the expedition will be provided with a duvet, pillow, bed linen, towel.

A detailed video review of the Wind Dancer yacht can be viewed here:


We are unique

For many years, we have been traveling the world to our small planet's most remote and unusual places.  We do not use the services of domestic travel agencies.  The trips we invent and carry out are always unique and have their unique zest, charm, and adventurous spirit.


The first thing that interests us is creativity in everything.  During the expeditions, we shoot a lot of videos, take pictures, write stories, draw pictures.  If you are interested in a creative approach to life and travel, then WELCOME... we are very happy to meet you!



By joining our team, you join a kind of club family, which already consists of several hundred people who are interested in discovering the world with us.

Since most of the expenses for organizing a trip  – air tickets and travel documents for other modes of transportation, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. – are made by us in advance, long before the trip, the prepayment or payment for the trip is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.


Since most of the expenses for the organization of the trip are air tickets and travel documents for other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. are not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We simply have no way to return it.

Please note that this itinerary is tentative. The weather always has the last word. The itinerary is designed to allow sufficient time at the end of the Expedition in case of any weather-related delays. If necessary, the captain can change the expedition route depending on external conditions!

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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