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In light of the ongoing war on the territory of Ukraine since February 24, 2022, Paganel Studio is no longer accepting applications from citizens of the Russian Federation for participation in our expeditions


 Paganel Studio 

Paganel Studio is a trusted company of certified pilots, a team of self-guided expedition leaders, certified captains, a contact center, partners in the whole world, and a whole army of regular customers, and they have become good friends of the company for 10 years.


The founders and pioneers of the author's routes are Andriy and Olga Andreevy. Dreamers and independent travelers who started their journey in tandem on their honeymoon in the Himalayas. Together with the artist Oleksandr Votsmush, they liked to travel to distant countries, paint, photograph, film, and simply enjoy life.


Now their documentaries receive hundreds of awards at festivals, and polar expeditions to Antarctica and Greenland are sent on the beautiful yachts Mon Coeur and Wind Dancer. We will be happy to share our experience, show you the farthest corners of the planet and welcome you into the big family of Paganel


Cherish Life! Love! Travel!


Calendar of expeditions 2024

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✓ є місця

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✓ останні місця

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✓ є місця

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✓ є місця

Японія: осінь 2023

“Японія - то любов, з першого погляду і назавжди. А з Паганелями, то любов безмежна і всепоглинаюча. Стільки інформації, краси, вражень, знайомств ми отримали за час недовгий час - майже маленьке життя 🥰 Вже хочу повернутись в цю казкову країну ♥️♥️♥️ І тільки разом з Paganel Studio, Olga Andreeva, Andrey Andreev - ви вмієте закохувати в цей світ і в себе 😘"

Світлана Любимова




Founder and head of the company, expedition leader, photographer, cameraman, filmmaker


Co-founder, expedition leader, designer, artist of the company


Expedition leader, photographer, operator


Head of the contact center, personal assistant to the manager


Very contact person for a set of groups


Expedition leader, translator


Contact person, financial department


Contact person

Wish list

Fill in your contacts and the country to which you would like to go with us

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