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  Across Namibia by Jeeps for the New Year



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December 25, 2022 - January 7, 2023



December 25, 2022                          

—January 7, 2023


2990 Euro


7 Jeeps x 4                                     




Normal physical shape

Attention: Jeep trip...

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Adventure tourism, travel, experiences,

exploration, acquaintance with authentic cultures.


Expedition leader

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Expedition leader, photographer, filmmaker



Go to the land of red dunes, walk barefoot along the sandy ridges of the Namib Desert! Enjoy delicious oysters and champagne overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! Get to know the wildlife of the African savannas and the coast. Learn something new by talking to the African tribes of the south of the continent. Discover an Africa that you could not even imagine!


Based on the results of 12 Paganel Studio expeditions to southern Africa in 2015-2021, we concluded that Namibia is one of the most beautiful, travel-friendly and safest countries in the world! Moreover, in Africa, it definitely has no equal. Until 1915, Namibia was a German colony, there are still entire German quarters and even settlements in which a large number of the Germans live. Accordingly, there is order and German cleanliness here. Roads in Namibia are considered among the best in Africa. We have to wind along them, driving our expedition jeeps on our own, quite a lot of kilometers for 14 days of travel. So what will we see?! Namibia is an incredible variety of nature.


The famous Namibian Red Desert occupies a special place here... We will definitely get there, climb the dunes, walk early in the morning in the "Dead Valley", and meet the sunset with the most incredible views of nature that you can imagine. We will see the Himba and Damara tribes, as well as taste the most delicious fresh oysters in the world. Let us explore the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to take a boat trip to Walvis Bay, where we will get acquainted with the inhabitants of the deep sea: seals, dolphins, possibly whales. We will visit the sands of Sandwich Harbor. We will chat with the colorful Guerero aunts, and of course, we will see lots of different African animals that live in the Etosha National Park, as well as in the protected safari parks that we will visit!


It will be a truly unique, interesting and amazing African adventure, and we will be happy to spend it with you!


  1. трансфери в/з аеропорт по всьому маршруту (якщо ви прилітаєте та відлітаєте в дати точно відповідно до програми нашої подорожі);

  2. харчування: сніданки та частково вечері (див. в описі програми);

  3. оренда повнопривідного експедиційного позашляховика Тойота Хайлакс - автомат - з наметами на даху та всім необхідним кемпінговим обладнанням на весь час подорожі з розрахунку одна машина на 4-х осіб;

  4. автомобільне страхування;

  5. паливо на кожну машину на 3000 км;

  6. усі вхідні квитки до нац. парки згідно з програмою експедиції;

  7. вхідні перміти для відвідення  племен Хімба, Дамара;

  8. усі заплановані активності з племенами згідно з програмою;

  9. всі заплановані сафарі та геймдрайви згідно з програмою;

  10. послуги місцевих гідів, провідників;

  11. місцеві позашляховики, машини для сафарі, катамарани, паливо, послуги водіїв і капітанів в прогамних активностях;

  12. екскурсії за програмою;

  13. послуги гідів команди Paganel Studio;

  14. майстер класи з фотографії та DSLR відео.


  1. міжнародний авіапереліт до Віндхука;

  2. харчування, не вказане у програмі;

  3. чайові водіям та місцевим гідам;

  4. персональна страховка та тести на COVID 19;

  5. додаткові активності.


Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.



Day 1

Flight from your city to Namibia, Windhoek. Arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH). Meeting with guides or a driver who will meet you with a sign "Paganel Studio". Immediately at the airport we change money, buy SIM cards for the Internet on the way.


Transfer to a comfortable 4-star hotel, the distance from the airport to the hotel is approximately 40 km. Accommodation at the hotel, rest after a long flight. If you still have the strength, then in the evening you can have lunch in one of the restaurants in the city. We have prepared for you several options for where to go and where to eat deliciously.


In the evening - a briefing in the hotel lobby, where we will discuss all pressing issues, check the points on our maps, make sure that all the crews are formed and in the right mood.

Day 2

Early getting up for drivers, breakfast (included). In the morning, we have to get our 7 all-wheel drive jeeps Toyota Hilux Jeeps with full camping equipment and make sure everything is in place: the refrigerator works, the tents are easy to set up, and the lanterns shine brightly even on the darkest night.


Drivers on a special transfer go to receive our faithful iron horses, and the rest of the Paganels calmly have breakfast, drink their coffee, pack their things and go down to the hotel lobby by 9:30 in the morning, where they wait for the arrival of those who left for the cars.


Loaded into our Toyotas, we drop into the nearest supermarket for 15 minutes, buy snacks and drinks for the road. Further, a relatively small, 3-hour drive on a good road.

Our amazing and unique lodge is located in the southern part of a huge 3400-hectare safari region. Here you can take the most incredible photos with our great friend, Sammy the giraffe, and a detachment of loving elephants and rhinoceroses, which are just not asking for hands.


This evening Instagram will explode with the coolest photos that everyone will envy ... even you :)


The group is divided into 2 parts. The first half of the detachment will go on a safari at 15:00.


The second half of the detachment will go on safari in the morning. Upon the return of the first half of the group, we watch the feeding of cheetahs.


In the evening, very close to the tables where you will have dinner, white rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, zebras and many other animals will come.
We will only have time to take pictures.


After dinner, we hold a traditional evening of Paganel acquaintances, presentation of expedition T-shirts and badges.

Tired and satisfied from such a busy day, we go to rest in our cozy houses in the middle of Africa.


Meals: breakfast and dinner included.

Day 3

Waking up, having breakfast. The second half of the Paganel detachment goes on a 2-hour game drive through the safari park. Of course, a game drive is always a lottery, but here we have great chances to see the life of animals in their natural habitat.


Just such as white rhinoceros, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, oryx, large kudu, zebra, ostrich, springbok, wildebeest, impala, warthog, Damara-dik-dik, baboon, as well as many types of birds. On returning from the game drive, we collect things and hit the road again.


With tears of tenderness, we say goodbye to our beautiful lodge and continue our journey to the north to the beautiful Waterberg Plateau. We have to overcome the way of about 200 km.


On the way we stop at the town of Ochiwarongo. We buy groceries for the evening grill party at the local supermarket. There is a wide range of good meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, wines from South Africa and much more to choose from.

Upon arrival, we quickly settle into our houses in the lodge and go for a walk on the plateau. From the place of our overnight stay there are several paths, walking you can find yourself at the very top of the rocky Waterberg plateau.


It offers a magnificent view of the surroundings, and the trekking itself is not very difficult. Before going on trekking, we lock the cars, we bring things into the houses. Here, baboons live in the area, who will happily steal what lies badly.


Upon returning, we kindle barbecues (near each house there is a personal barbecue), we take out tables, chairs, dishes from our jeeps. We prepare dinner for ourselves, enjoy life, and communicate with each other.


Meals:  breakfast  included


Day 4

We wake up calmly. We have breakfast. We drink coffee. We collect tables, chairs and other camping equipment. Big crossing of 425 km. Do nоt forget to refuel along the way. We stop for lunch and coffee.


After lunch, arrival and accommodation at the coolest Etosha King Nehale Lodge 5 * level. This is an unusual, beautiful, new lodge located on the east side of Etosha Park. The lodge itself is made in such a way that you will be asked to stay here for another week.


Rest after a long journey.

Meals:  breakfast included.

Day 5

We wake up before dawn. We collect things. We have breakfast. We leave to the gate to the Etosha National Park. Right at sunrise, the park opens and we start our game drive safari for the whole day.


We try not to get very close to the elephants and giraffes, so as not to get a kick in the jeep. There are great chances to meet cats. For example, we often came across prides of lions.


It is also strictly forbidden to get out of the jeep for a selfie with lions or leopards, because you are one of the links in the food chain for them. They define your car as a kind of safe creature, which they can completely ignore and come close to. This is very convenient for photographers, and we will certainly take a bunch of beautiful pictures that half of Facebook will be jealous of.             


Our plan for today is to cross the Etosha National Park from the east to the west, explore all the waterholes along the way to see the maximum amount of African wildlife. On the way, we can stop for lunch inside the park at Okaukuejo Lodge.


In the evening, having rolled enough, we leave through the West Gate of Etosha, drive another 10 km and check into a cozy comfortable lodge located in a beautiful place, from where you can watch a beautiful African sunset with a glass of South African white wine.

Meals: breakfast included.

Day 6

The day will be full. We have to move to Damaraland, famous for its incredible Martian landscapes, in the Twyfelfontein area.

On the way, we will stop by to meet the famous Himba tribe. We will take pictures, talk with unusual representatives, or female representatives of the tribe. Severe matriarchy reigns here, women walk with the “Predator” hairstyle, smeared with red clay and ocher, and the torso is always bare.


When you post photos on Facebook, do not forget to cover your chest with a charming Himba, otherwise you can be banned for sharing erotic content.


If we are lucky, the Himba will sing a little and dance with us. We will not sit with the Himba for a long time, especially since we will still have the opportunity to see them in a couple of days.


We get into our jeeps, refuel in the nearby town of Kamanjab and drive on to our beautiful lodge where we will spend the next 2 nights.

Meals: breakfast and dinner included.

Day 7

In the morning we take cameras, hats and a good mood. A short drive to the Living Museum of the Damara tribe, where we will be shown all sorts of interesting tricks from the life of one of the most authentic tribes in Namibia.


We will sing together, we will dance. We will learn how to kindle a fire and learn about the healing properties of elephant poop.


Further, until the boiling heat sets in, we go, and then we go to the drawings of the ancient Bushmen, who, by the way, are one of the most ancient peoples of the Earth planet.


Bushmen paintings of the Twyfelfontein valley is one of the most amazing places in Namibia. Here, during the Neolithic period, thousands of rock paintings were created, today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For thousands of years, this valley has been used by indigenous hunting and gathering tribes to perform rituals. In total, more than 2,500 drawings on rocky slabs were created in the Twyfelfontein valley at different times. Mostly, these are images of African animals. The most ancient of them appeared 5000 years ago, and the last about 500. The difference between them is visible only in processing and style.


The creators of the drawings are believed to be Bushmen who have lived in this area for thousands of years.


In 1952, the valley was declared the "National Monument of Namibia" after a large number of slabs with drawings were stolen. In 2007, at the 31st session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the Twyfelfontein Valley was recognized as a World Heritage Site.


After walking, we return for 2-3 hours to our lodge. We sit out the heat, and after 15:00 we rush to the secret place known to us, where amazing desert elephants live, of which only about 400 individuals have survived on the Planet.


We are looking for elephants, riding along the dunes, dunes and canyons of the dried up river bed, where these amazing animals live.


We return to the lodge for dinner. We dress more beautifully, take New Year's gifts and go to celebrate the New Year. Songs, dances, a great evening in Namibia.


Meals: breakfast and dinner included.

Day 8

In the morning after breakfast, we check out and drive to the town of Khorixas, where, in the only supermarket in the entire area, we buy food for the evening grill party and breakfast.


Then drive 314 km to Spitzkoppe, a picturesque area famous for its unusual stone shapes and stone arch. Also on the way, we will see the Himba again, selling all sorts of things by the road in the same half-naked form and, of course, the Guerero aunts, who attract with their unusual headdresses and robes.


They live in the places of our journey, selling all sorts of handicrafts in their shops. We will definitely look into them. The journey on gravel roads with a speed limit of 80 km per hour to Spitzkoppe will take us about 4-5 hours.

The main mountain, Spitzkoppe, is called the "Namibian Matterhorn" for its resemblance to this Swiss peak.


On the territory of the local national park there are a couple of dozen parking lots for car camping.


We are located in different parts of the park. We put our jeeps on a joke. We open cozy tents, take out camping equipment: tables, chairs, dishes.


We fire up the grills, cook steaks, relax, visit each other, and at night photographers go to shoot the most beautiful sky in Africa, and even in combination with local rocks and the Arch.


You will be surprised at how beautiful the night sky is here with billions of sparkling diamonds at the top! Fans of stargazing do not just come here.


Meals: breakfast included.

Day 9

We wake up with the first rays of the sun. We put our tents and things in jeeps.


We prepare breakfast for ourselves, move to Swakopmund, an amazing Namibian town on the Ocean, where we check into a cozy 4-star hotel for two days.


A walk along the embankment of the Atlantic Ocean, the opportunity to taste the most delicious, and maybe the most delicious oysters in your life. Free time. You can choose any of the many activities available in Swakopmund.


For example, we offer an optional flight in small 5-7- seat airplanes over the Namib Desert. You just have to book very far in advance.


Overnight at the hotel.

Meals: not included.

Day 10

Early getting up, breakfast. By the way, here the hotel serves fresh oysters and champagne for breakfast. It is very tasty, the main thing is not to overeat oysters, because on this day you will have to eat, perhaps a whole dozen!


We get into our jeeps and drive to the town of Walwis Bay, located three dozen kilometers from Swakopmund. First, in Walwis Bay, we have a catamaran excursion on the ocean.


During the tour, fur seals will jump onto the deck and pelicans will circle overhead. It is quite possible that we will see dolphins, and if we are lucky, then whales. At the end of the boat trip - oysters, champagne and other dishes.


Return to dry land, a short break to go to the bathroom, and then - an exciting ride in local jeeps with drivers to Sandwich Harbor, the place, where sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean meet.


There we will also be traditionally treated to oysters, champagne and other traditional Namibian delicacies. We return to Swakopmund.


If we have the strength, we can walk around the city or go for dinner to the famous local seafood restaurants. Overnight in the same cozy stylish hotel.


Meals: breakfast with oysters and champagne, snacks in the middle of the day included.

Day 11

Прокидаємося у спокійному режимі. Знову снідаємо устрицями із шампанським. Ми вже до цього звикли. Здаємо наші номери і йдемо на кілька годин гуляти Свакопмундом. У вас буде вільний час і можливість походити магазинами, лавками, відвідати місцевий ринок сувенірів.

Далі прощаємось із затишним Свакопмундом і мчимо 345 км до природного дива — найвищих у світі червоних дюн долини Sossusvlei.


По дорозі зупиняємося біля знаменитого Тропика Козерога, а також щоб скуштувати смачні штруделі у придорожній кав'ярні посеред пустелі.


Приїжджаємо вже перед заходом сонця, заселяємося на найближчі 2 ночі в затишний лодж. Приводимо себе в порядок і їдемо на вечерю.


Харчування: включено - сніданок з устрицями та шампанським, вечеря

День 12

Ще до світанку ми прокидаємося, снідаємо та під'їжджаємо до воріт до Національного парку. На світанку нас запускають, і ми мчимо 60 км асфальтовою дорогою, а потім спускаємо шини і тихенько керуємо по пісках до обладнаного майданчика.

Ранковий Сосуфлеї радує нас неймовірними краєвидами дорогою. Дюни стають криваво-червоними. Гра світла та тіні вражає.


Йдемо приблизно 20 хвилин до унікальної Мертвої Долині «Deadvlei», де насолоджуємося неймовірними видами червоних дюн, вибілених підніжжів та застиглих древніх дерев, які загинули, коли русло підземної річки, що живило коріння дерев, змінило свій напрямок.


Потім охочі забираються на дюну Big Daddy, щоб сфотографувати зверху неймовірну красу краєвидів.


У «Мертвій долині» ми, як правило, влаштовуємо фотосесію для наших прекрасних дівчат, які з ранку радують нас своїми гарними сукнями та оригінальними вбраннями.


Щоб перечекати полуденну спеку, ми повертаємось у наші затишні будиночки. Відпочиваємо. Самостійно обідаємо. Ближче до вечора ми повторно заїжджаємо в парк, щоб піднятися на вершину знаменитої Дюни №45, насолодитися неймовірними видами червоної пустелі Наміб.


Хто спритніший, той ще встигне зробити пару крутих знімків у Дюни №38.


Стежимо за часом. Нам потрібно виїхати за територію Національного парку до заходу сонця.

Увечері збираємося за вечерею всі разом і проводимо пустельну вечірку під зірками. У нас залишилося зовсім небагато часу до повернення додому. Обмінюємося враженнями, їмо смачні стейки.

Харчування: включено - сніданок та вечеря.

День 13

Вранці після сніданку переїзд 420 км у Windhoek – точку, звідки ми стартували майже 2 тижні тому.


День 14

Вранці неквапливо прокидаємося, снідаємо. Прощання одне з одним. Сльози. Обіймашки. Сум. Трансфер до аеропорту, виліт на Батьківщину. Переліт додому.

Харчування: включено – сніданок.

Прибуваємо в середині дня до міста. Заселення в затишний 4-зірковий готель. Водії їдуть здавати наші вірні Toyota в прокатну контору. Інші відпочивають після тривалого шляху.

Увечері дружно зберемося у знаменитій пивній «У Джо» та влаштуємо прощальний вечір.

Харчування: включено – сніданок.


Ми унікальні

Вже багато років ми подорожуємо світом у найвіддаленіші та найнезвичайніші місця нашої маленької планети. Ми не користуємось послугами вітчизняних турфірм. Подорожі, які Ми вигадуємо та здійснюємо, завжди є унікальними, мають свою неповторну родзинку, шарм та правильний пригодницький дух.



Перше, що нас цікавить, — це творчість у всьому. Під час експедицій ми багато знімаємо відео, фотографуємо, пишемо оповідання, малюємо картини. Якщо вам цікавий творчий підхід до життя та подорожей, то ВЕЛКАМ… нам з вами по дорозі.


Цікаві знайомства

Приєднуючись до нашої команди, Ви вступаєте у своєрідний клуб-сім'ю, яка вже складається з кількох сотень людей, яким цікаво відкривати світ разом із нами.


Через те, що більша частина витрат на організацію подорожі — авіаквитки і проїзні документи на інші види транспорту, проживання, екскурсії, послуги місцевих компаній і гідів, тощо — проводиться нами заздалегідь, задовго до подорожі, авансову оплату за поїздку, в разі Вашої відмови, не може бути повернено. У нас просто немає можливості її повернути…

01_ (1).webp

Цінуй життя! Кохай! Подорожуй!

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