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EXPEDITION OF THE PAGANELS to the sperm whale island



3290 EURO


Kateryna Poliarska 




09.02.2025 - 16.02.2025


In February, on Valentine's Day, you will have a unique opportunity to swim with sperm whales, in the only place in the Indian Ocean where these whales can be found all year round!

Several dozen individuals live in the western part of the Indian Ocean, mainly females, their offspring and young whales, ranging in size from 6 to 12 meters. Their main food source is squid, the abundance of which keeps the whales here. If we are lucky, we will also find large males who visit the island several times a year for breeding purposes.

Sperm whales are unique whales, to see and even more to swim with them is our old dream! The sperm whale is a predator; it is the largest representative of toothed whales. It hunts at great depths, mainly for giant squid and other cephalopods. In search of prey, the whale makes the deepest dives among all marine mammals - to a depth of more than 2 km, - remaining under water for up to an hour and a half.

 Adult males reach an average length of 18–20 m and a weight of about 40 tons, while females reach 11 m and 15 tons, respectively. Sperm whales are herd animals that live in large groups, so we will have the opportunity to swim with groups of whales.

Our journey will take place over eight days, five of which we will be looking for sperm whales to swim with in the same environment. You will have the opportunity to take unique pictures or make your own video of the largest toothy predator on the planet Earth.

There are two types of whale encounters, we usually experience during these trips:

1. Sperm whales in search of food. They dive deep and can hold their breath for almost an hour and a half, returning to the surface to breathe, they rest no more than ten to fifteen minutes. During this period, we have the opportunity, noticing their fountains, to approach in boats without disturbing, jump into the water and see the whales. However, most often the whales do not want to communicate and, just having looked at us, they leave ... However, some of the local individuals are very curious and allow us to spend a few minutes with them before diving into the depth again.

2. When the whales finish hunting, they gather in large family groups to sleep or play. We look for the encounters and if the whales are in the mood, we can spend a lot of time with them. The search for sperm whales that are socialized is our goal and the DREAM for which we flew. The best emotions, impressions, images and videos come from this experience.

It will be a very beautiful, rich, interesting journey! You are lucky if you see all this with your own eyes.

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expedition leader, photographer, amera operator, and filmmaker.



Specialist, expedition leader, designer, artist of the company

- transfers airport-hotel-airport;
- accommodation in a cozy air-conditioned hotel (double accommodation);
- rental of boats for 5 trips to the sea for 5 hours each;
- 3 excursions according to the program;
- services of local captains and guides;
- meals: breakfasts, dinners;

- services of tour leaders of the Paganel Studio team.


Due to the fact that our expeditions do not include international flights to the starting point of the program, we cannot be held responsible for changes in flight conditions by airlines or airport requirements. Since our travelers fly from many different countries and cities, we never participate in the purchase of air travel and limit ourselves exclusively to advisory services in the selection of flights. Air agents or airlines from which tickets were purchased are responsible for the purchase and technical support.


Day 1

Arrival to the island of Mauritius. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the Flic EN Flac Beach area on the west coast of the island.

From here, every morning, according to the program, we will go to sea in search of sperm whales. Check into a hotel.

Introduction to guides. Rest from a long flight. In the evening we have a briefing on future events. Dinner. An evening of acquaintances of the Paganels, presentation of expedition T-shirts and badges.

Day 2,3,4

 Exits to the Ocean in search of sperm whales and swimming with them. The sailing schedule will depend on weather conditions and will be determined by the senior captain of our boats.

Depending on the time of return from the ocean, additional excursions will be organized on whale watching days:

- visiting the lighthouse at sunset (about 2 hours)

- Chamarel Park (about 3-4 hours)

- Trekking to Mount Le Morne (4-5 hours)

- Trekking of varying difficulty to waterfalls – optional

Day 5

  Today we are resting from the sea, and sperm whales are resting from us. We have breakfast. We take trekking boots and set off for the whole day trekking to the "Seven Tamarind Falls".

Or, optionally, we order a helicopter tour over the island to see, for example, such a rare sight known as the “Mauritius Underwater Falls”.

Day 6,7

Exits to the Ocean in search of sperm whales and swimming with them. The sailing schedule will depend on weather conditions and will be determined by the senior captain of our boats.

On the evening of the 7th day, we gather at the hotel for a farewell dinner. We exchange impressions and photos.

Day 8

We wake up slowly. We have breakfast. We collect things. The journey is over. We say goodbye to each other and Mauritius. We say goodbye to guides and captains. Airport transfer.

Flight home...

We are unique

For many years, we have been traveling the world to our small planet's most remote and unusual places.  We do not use the services of domestic travel agencies.  The trips we invent and carry out are always unique and have their unique zest, charm, and adventurous spirit.



The first thing that interests us is creativity in everything.  During the expeditions, we shoot a lot of videos, take pictures, write stories, draw pictures.  If you are interested in a creative approach to life and travel, then WELCOME... we are very happy to meet you!



By joining our team, you join a kind of club-family, which already consists of several hundred people who are interested in discovering the world with us.


Since most of the expenses for the organization of the trip are air tickets and travel documents for other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. are not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We simply have no way to return it.

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Cherish Life! Love! Travel!

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