ЮАР, Зимбабве 2017
Paganels New Year's adventure
on Victoria waterfall and SAR

Discover an Africa for yourself, that you could not even imagine! Meet the New Year in the country with an amazing name Zimbabwe! Meet the wildlife of African savannahs and the coast. Spray on your face from the most beautiful and powerful waterfall in Africa. And if you risk, then jump with a 120-meter tartar over the Zambezi River! Fall into a cage in the Ocean and try to feed a real white shark.

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South Africa, or SAR, is the most developed country on the African continent, and also one of the most diverse from an ethnic point of view. Even sometimes, South Africa is called "Rainbow Country", referring to the national diversity of the local multicultural society.
1. South Africa is the only African country from the present, in which there has never been a single coup d'etat.

2. In South Africa, eleven languages have official status. One of them is English. the rest - the languages of local nationalities.

3. South Africa has three capitals - administrative, legislative and judicial.

4. The national currency of the country is the South African rand. The name of this money comes from the name of the Witwatersrand mountain range (see interesting facts about money). The seven rands are approximately one dollar.

5. The highest point on the territory of South Africa is Mount Njesuti, towering to a height of 3410 meters.

6. On the south-west coast of the country the climate is almost identical to the Mediterranean one.

7. About ten percent of the population of South Africa are white, not wishing to emigrate from the country after the fall of the apartheid regime.

8. The most common language in South Africa is Afrikaans. It is surprisingly similar to the Flemish, which is widespread in Belgium.

9. In every city in South Africa, there are dangerous areas that even the police avoid.

10. There are no bribes at the domestic level in South Africa. Trying to give a bribe, for example, a policeman is not even worth it.

11. Less than half of the population of South Africa does not have a driver's license.

12. The basis of the South African cuisine is meat.

13. The largest trace left on Earth by the meteorite is in South Africa.

14. Gasoline in South Africa is partly produced from coal.

15. In South Africa, many diamonds are mined, the depth of some diamond mines is six kilometers.

16. In most of the country you can safely drink tap water.

17. The most popular sports in South Africa - cricket, football and rugby.

18. The world's first heart transplantation operation was conducted here by the South African surgeon.

19. For those who like thrills, the South African cuisine has prepared real surprises - fried crocodile tail, stewed Oryx antelope and fox hide, as well as seafood dishes - shark fin soup, sea urchin caviar, smoked halibut with herbs.

Also, among the real exotics, it is worth noting fried caterpillars (mopane worms), fried termites (tshuku), ruddy larvae of the scarab beetle (the name of this dish is more than poetic - Xi Fu Fu Nu Nu).

Сountry: Zimbabwe, SAR (South Africa Republic)
Type of recreation: Adventure tourism, travel, adventure, exploration, familiarity with authentic cultures
Required Requirements: normal physical form
Group size: 25 people.
Duration: 12 days.
Dates: from December 30, 2017 to January 10, 2018;
Cost of participation in the expedition: 2590 euro (this includes the international flight Zimbabwe-South Africa, the domestic flight Durban - Cape Town, transfers to and from the airport, hotel accommodation along the 3 * route, food (breakfast), entrance tickets to national parks and reserves according to the program; game drives and game safaris, ranger services, driver and helper services, fuel, jeeps necessary for safaris, feeding of white sharks.
Route thread: Zimbabwe - Johannesburg - Santa Lucia - Hluhluwe-Umfoloziс - Santa Lucia - Durban - Cape Town
Expedition Program
Day 1 (30.12.2017) - Arrival at Victoria Falls International Airport in Zimbabwe, transfer to the hotel, long-awaited rest after a long flight. Overnight at Hotel Kingdom.
Day 2 (31.12.2017) - Morning, breakfast at the hotel (included in the price). The first half of the day is devoted to an independent examination of this wonder of the world - Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates as thundering smoke. It is from Zimbabwe that the waterfall is considered the most beautiful!
Hiking trails with observation platforms run along approximately two-thirds of the water drop line, which is as much as 2 kilometers! Closer to the beginning of January, the waterfall, as a rule, is full of water. Water with a roar breaks from a 110-meter height down and breaks into millions of small drops that seem like real rain. A suspension of drops is visible at a distance of several tens of kilometers from Victoria. By the way, do not forget the raincoats, if you do not want to get soaked to the underwear and take care of the technique.
In the second half of the day, you will find the first game drive in this journey, and simply a safari in search of the big African Five - a lion, a leopard, a buffalo, an elephant and a rhino in the nearest national park. An experienced and keen guide will try to find for us all these animals and show them from the best perspective.
Return to the hotel and prepare for the most long-awaited holiday - the New Year. Celebrating the New Year with friends and like-minded people! Overnight at Hotel Kingdom.
Day 3 (01.01.2018) - Morning, breakfast at the hotel (included in the price). Hooray, new 2018 in the yard! The state of health on this day is difficult to predict, so everyone needs to decide for himself how to spend this day. Whether it's a cool hotel bar or conquering the surrounding waterfall - it's up to you! If you dared to have an active pastime, then believe me, there is plenty to choose from. This is a helicopter ride, a trike, a devil's font (to sit in a natural jacuzzi on the very edge of the waterfall), a view of the waterfall from Zambia, a cruise on a ship with hot drinks, walks with lions, diving in cages to crocodiles, bungee jumping and much more . Book activity at the hotel reception in advance, preferably on arrival on December 30th.
Overnight stay at Hotel Kingdom.
Day 4 (02.01.2018) - Rise, traditional breakfast. With sadness in eyes farewell to the Victoria Falls, transfer to the airport and flight to South Africa. A glance through the window to the "thundering smoke" and after 2 hours you are already in Johannesburg, the administrative capital of the new country for this journey, a country without a name - South Africa.
Transfer to the lodge in a 5-minute drive from the airport. In Johannesburg, there is no such thing for a white man as a "walk." Therefore, the best strategy for today is a rest by the pool in the lodge area. Free time and a set of forces for another march on one of the wildest places in Africa in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.
Night at Aero Guest Lodge
Day 5 (03.01.2018) - Rise, breakfast (included in the price) and a 6-hour drive to the coastal town on the coast of the Indian Ocean - Santa Lucia. This city is located in the heart of Isimangoliso National Park, a UNESCO site. In the evening, the real behemoths freely move around the city. These animals, despite the "clean" appearance and habit of eating grass, the most effective killers of Africa. To minimize the meeting of tourists with hippos, the inhabitants of Santa Lucia decided to cut lawns more qualitatively, depriving the hippopotamus of their favorite delicacy and, therefore, the need to walk around the city.
Arrival at an authentic lodge, the rooms of which are chic tents. It's time to taste delicious oysters and other local dishes in one of the many neighboring restaurants. Overnight in Monzi Safaris Tented Lodge
Day 6 (04.01.2018) - Very early climb and forward towards new adventures. Today, the whole day is dedicated to game drive in one of the best safari parks in South Africa. Park Hluhluwe-Umfolozi dawn will open its doors! The park is also home to a large African Five, but the specificity of the park is rhinoceroses.
In Hluhluwe the world's largest population of endangered black rhinos, white rhinos also in large numbers. Rangers not only know their business very well, but also keep in touch with Whatsapp. As soon as someone sees something interesting, your crew will immediately know about it! During the safari you must be fed several times and closer to the evening you will be taken back to Santa Lucia.
Overnight at Monzi Safari Tented Lodge.
Day 7 (05.01.2018) - Rise, short transfer to the boat station and the beginning of a boat trip along the Santa Lucia Lake. The lake is simply teeming with crocodiles and bovine sharks, therefore it is not recommended for anyone to swim or simply to lower limbs into the water. A pronounced shore where you can climb out and sunbathe not, so to meet with crocodiles you need a bit of luck.
And who here in bulk - so it's the hippos! You will come close to several families of hippos. Due to the fact that water walks have been going on here for several years now, and the hippopotamuses are used to boats, they can swim much closer than in other parts of Africa. During the excursion, the gallant captain will tell many stories and feed him a delicious breakfast. Return to the lodge, free time in Santa Lucia.
In the evening we are waited by the next safari, but this time it will pass in pitch darkness. So much easier to meet the night inhabitants of these places, as well as the most coveted photo trophy - a secretive and cautious leopard.
Overnight at Monzi Safari Tented Lodge.
Day 8 (06.01.2018) - Morning, checkout and drive to the city of Durban, and more precisely to the international airport, bearing the name of one of the most warlike Zulus - King Shaka.
Flight to Cape Town, just some one and a half hours and we are in place - in the beautiful city of South Africa! Transfer to the airport near the embankment of Victoria and Alfred, the heart of the city. A good choice for the evening will be the restaurant Balthazar, which serves the best steaks according to several culinary experts and publications.
Overnight at the Park Inn by Radisson Foreshore.
Day 9 (07.01.2018) - Rise, breakfast in the hotel (included in the price). Many people heard about the big African Five, but not all heard about the big African Seven. The full seven can be found only in South Africa and today we will go to get acquainted with one of the most frightening of its representatives - a great white shark! In the town of Kleinbaai we amicably board the boat, sail to the open sea, we anchor and cage and begin to feed the shark. As soon as the shark appears on the horizon, quickly put on wet suits (water 10 degrees Celsius) and jump into the cage. The captain will be a big piece of fish to lure a shark as close as possible to the cage, emotions over the edge! But do not worry, everything is absolutely safe. Return to the hotel in the evening, rest.
Return to the hotel in the evening, rest.
Overnight at the Park Inn.
Day 10 (08.01.2018) - A traditional-chic breakfast at the hotel and a full-fledged inspection of the most interesting surroundings of Cape Town. This and Table Mountain - the symbol of the city and one of the modern wonders of the world, and the Cape of Good Hope and the cozy town of Simons Town, which is famous for penguins. Penguins there are whole gangs, walk and scurry right under your feet! Despite the "classical" component of all these places, it's just awesome, excellent photos and excellent mood are provided!
Return to the hotel in the late evening. Night at the old faithful Park Inn.
Day 11 (09.01.2018) - A free day to explore Cape Town, and of course a traditional breakfast at the hotel.
Day 12 (10.01.2018) - Alas, everything once comes to an end, and our journey is coming to an end. At this point, it will seem that the Victoria Falls was somewhere in a past life, because such a kaleidoscope of places and impressions swept before our eyes for these 12 busy days. Say goodbye to the already beloved South Africa. Tears of parting with friends from the team. Airport transfer. Departure.
The cost of the expedition includes:
- the international flight of Zimbabwe-South Africa;
- internal flight Durban - Cape Town;
- transfers to / from the airport along the whole route (if you arrive and depart on dates in exact accordance with the program of our trip);
- all necessary transfers;
- accommodation in hotels along the route of level 3 *;
- food (breakfast);
- Entrance tickets to the national. Parks and reserves according to the program;
- transport according to the program;
- game-drives and safaris according to the program;
- ranger's services;
- services of drivers and helpers;
- fuel;
- jeeps necessary for safaris;
- feeding white sharks.
The price does not include:
- air travel to Zimbabwe and back;
- food not specified in the program;
- tip to drivers and local guides;
- personal insurance.

Since most of the costs for the organization of travel - air tickets and travel documents for other modes of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local companies and guides, etc. - is made by us in advance, long before the trip, the prepayment or payment for the trip made by you, is not returned in case of your refusal to travel. We simply do not have the opportunity to return it ...

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